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How to control household bugs

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Bugs have a place in the world, and it's not your home.
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Give those annoying pests the boot when you know how to control household bugs

Unfortunately, controlling household bugs typically never enters a homeowner’s mind until there is an issue. Roaches, fleas, ants and a variety of other pests can infiltrate your home and call it their own. Since co-existing with the household bugs is likely not an option, you’ll need to send them an eviction notice, pronto. Doing so is fairly simple with the help of a few products.

Ants like to trek their way into your home through doors, windows and cracks in your foundation. Although these household bugs don’t do much in the way of damage – unless they are carpenter ants – they are certainly bothersome. Give them the boot naturally by filling up your handy squirt bottle with soap and water. The sudsy mixture kills the pests on contact and also gets rid of their scent trails. And keeping crumbs to a minimum can also keep those little bugs away.

Flies are a serious nuisance in the home. After all, no one wants to have these annoying bugs whizzing by their heads. Make your own natural repellent by placing a few drops of eucalyptus on an absorbent cloth. Place this cloth in various spots around the home. You can also wrap cloves, bay leaves and eucalyptus in cheesecloth. Place these little packets by windows or doors to keep those flies outside where they should be.    

Your best defense against a cockroach invasion is to keep your place nice and tidy. These nasty household bugs like to hang out in cabinets and typically where there is water, like in your bathroom. Clean up any crumbs or even the roaches themselves with your bag-less vacuum cleaner. Removing the bugs and the crumbs makes your home a less desirable environment – just make sure you empty the canister outside. Go back over the area with some cleanser, and make sure to keep things clean.

Believe it or not, fleas can take up residence in your home even if you don’t have a pet. Oh, yes; these pesky little bugs can jump right through your window or door or hitch a ride on your shoes or clothing. Vacuuming your floors and furniture – and underneath your furniture – daily can get rid of the household bugs in a hurry. Just make sure you replace the vacuum cleaner bags after a good cleaning so those little pests can't crawl back out. 

You can also sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth around your home. The fleas ingest these crystallized fossils and die as a result.

Dust mites spend lots of time in pillows, bedding and your mattress. Give them the heave-ho with your vacuum. Sucking those things up can improve your allergies and make your home a cleaner place. Washing your bedding in hot water once a weekly can also cut down on the presence of these household bugs. 


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