How do you set up Spotify playlists

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Creating Spotify playlists only requires a few clicks
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Get your tunes on by knowing how do you set up Spotify playlists

Music and technology lovers can combine the best of both worlds by implementing the website Spotify. Users can create their own Spotify playlist which features their favorite artists and songs, and listen to them whenever they want. But you have to know how to make the playlist in order to take advantage of this convenient site.

You can create Spotify playlists on just about any electronic device, including laptops, PCs and tablets. Part of the allure of Spotify is you can listen to the tunes you create wherever you go. And just about every experience is made even better when you have a soundtrack to accompany you -- which is possible with Spotify.

To create your Spotify playlists, you'll first need to download Spotify and create a Spotify account. Go to, click the download button, follow the prompts and then enter the "create an account" information, look for your confirmation email and then login.

Then look at the sidebar menu and click on the "New Playlist" option.

Now it's time to let your creativity shine by giving your playlist a name. You can go with something standard, such as "Rock Playlist" or something sassy like "My Favorite Grooves." Naming your Spotify playlists is helpful when you want to separate music genres or artists. 

Enter specific song or artist names by using the "Private Session" option. Once you have found what you're looking for, drag the song over to your playlist or right-click the song, click on "Add To" and then choose your playlist. Super simple, right?

Continue to search and find the songs you want to add to your list. When you're finished, click on the sidebar and select the "Publish" option. When you publish your list, you allow all those who view your profile to see your playlist. If you want to be a bit more private, select the "Collaborate Playlist" option. You can also share your list with your other friends who are on Spotify.

Get Social

And don't forget all the social media options. You can let all your friends and followers see what you're listening to and know your musical tastes by right clicking the list and choosing the "Sharing" option. Now all your friends and close ones can get insight into your personal music tastes from their own electronic devices.

So now when you're on the go and just need to hear your song, you can do so by accessing your Spotify playlist. And now that you know how to do so, you can listen to the soundtrack of your life while you're experiencing it.


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