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Impress your friends by fixing your keyboard yourself
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Learning how to fix keyboard keys and cleaning them is a snap, literally

You could argue that the most important aspect of a laptop or PC is the keyboard. So what do you do when some of your keyboard keys fall off or hit the fritz?

You could cry, throw your keyboard out the window and buy a replacement, but that will cost you a good amount of time and money.

Instead, you could learn how to fix keyboard keys so you can keep your existing keyboard without having to break the bank buying a new one.

Key Fell Off

You canít exactly type well if a key or two from your computer keyboard is missing.

Fortunately, you can often replace the key without an issue. If the key retainer and cap fell off as well, you can easily put them back on, too. Problem is, not every keyboard is the same. So your best bet is to pop off another key, while trying to keep the retainer and cap in place. To do this, lightly pull up on the cap with a key or other pointed object.

Once the key is gone, take a look at how the retainer and cap fit on the other missing key. Pay attention to how many points in which the retainer connects to the keyboard and situate the first retainer in the same way. Additionally, assemble the cap back onto the keyboard in the same manner as the other cap key is situated. Pop the key back in place by centering it over the retainer and pushing in. It will likely snap right back into place.

Stuck Key

Does one of your keyboard keys want to stay in the engaged position? If so, it could simply be a matter of a foreign material stuck in the board, like a beverage or food item. To clean your keyboard, use a can of air and aim it at the keys. Carefully work your way up and down the rows to loosen out any grime. You may find the key is working again.

If not, pop the key out and try to put it back in again. This will likely get your keyboard in good, working condition again.  

Liquid on Keyboard

So youíre working hard or simply browsing on the Internet. Youíre enjoying a tasty beverage but Ė oops Ė you spilled it all over the keyboard. Now what?

Youíll most definitely have to buy a replacement, right? Not necessarily.

First, turn the keyboard upside down as soon as possible. This will help some of the liquid to drain out. If you spilled water, simply allow the keyboard to air dry, or use a hair dryer to encourage it to dry out, making sure itís on the low setting. If you spilled soda or another beverage that is sticky, youíll need to rinse it out with warm water. Then allow it to air dry for about two days or use a hairdryer on the keyboard.

Before you plug your keyboard back into your PC, make sure it is completely dry, as plugging in a wet keyboard is dangerous.

Knowing how to fix keyboard keys is a vital skill, particularly if you are on your laptop or PC frequently. And fortunately, you donít have to have a computer science degree to do so.


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