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Find out if you've got some klout
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Find out how influential you are on the web if you know what is

You've likely heard of a credit score when it comes to your credit cards and the like, but did you also know you can have a social credit rating?

Oh, yes; if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can get your social credit rating as it applies to your influence on the web. And you can do so with the help of

What is, you may ask? This helpful website offers those on social networks the opportunity to see how much action they drive. In other words, they keep track of how many people repost your messages, "like" what you have to say and how many comments your posts earn. Klout connects with almost all of your social sites, including Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

The website then gives you a score from 1 to 100. Those who keep up with the Internet community often find this score to be fun and helpful at the same time.

This isn't just some popularity contest; allows you to see not only how influential you are, but what kind of job your business or organization is doing, if you have one. Knowing this information can tell you if you need to promote your business more on the web or if the job you're doing is just right. It can also let you know if others are getting the right idea about your business.

The way in which calculates your score is actually quite involved. Your score is based on three different categories: True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Score.

True Reach takes a look at the quality of your content and how many people it reaches. Amplification Probability measures how often your posts are re-posted and the depths of your conversations. Your Network Score relates to the influence of the people who interact with you.

Based on these variables, you are then given a Klout score and a distinctive, or in other words, a label. You are said to be a "connector" if you are respected by those who look at your posts. You are a "persona" if you are seriously popular and have a responsive audience. "Climbers" are folks who are starting to gain a lot of attention with your posts. And you are considered to be a "casual" if your presence isn't known much on the web. also allows you to connect with other Klout users. This helpful function allows you to reach out to other businesses or organizations, in which you can promote each other using your social networks.

Now that you no longer have to ask what is, you can begin your social network adventures and monitor just how well you're doing.  

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