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How to make a guest list for a wedding

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Share your wedding day with guests who are special to you
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Tips on how to make a guest list for a wedding help keep you organized

Besides picking out the dress and favors, thereís another wedding task that is equally stressful, if not more so: creating the guest list. You donít want to offend anyone by leaving people out; however, itís not affordable or practical to invite everyone you know. So what do you do? Fortunately, you can follow a few tips to help make the process a bit easier.

How to make a guest list for a wedding can be simplified once you take a few aspects into consideration. The first rule is, stick to your guns.

Your parents, future in-laws and even your friends may demand and pester you to invite people they want at the wedding. If you want those people to be a part of your special day, then go ahead and send them an invitation. But if you donít, politely decline. After all, this is you and your future spouseís day and only those who you want to be there should share it with you.  

Set a Wedding Budget

The budget of a wedding is one of the biggest issues when it comes to who to invite. Research and plan your financial limitations before you start writing down who you are inviting.

Then, stick to the amount of people you can invite. You donít want to go over budget just because you want to invite more people than you can afford. And if you canít invite someone who expects to receive an invitation, be open and honest about your reasoning. If people canít understand why you are unable to invite them, they probably donít deserve to come to the wedding anyway.

Half for Him - Half for Her

When you are creating your wedding list, you should split things evenly. In other words, half of the invites should go to the brideís side, while the other half should go to the groom. Itís unfair to allow either side to get the majority of the invitations. Doing so may result in an unhappy spouse and disgruntled friends and family who have been left out unfairly.

Create two wedding invite lists

About ten to 20-percent of those you invite likely wonít be able to come to your wedding. Having a backup list is helpful in allowing you to fill in those empty spaces. And always prepare for extra add-on guests. You may remember later on about a friend, family or employee you forgot to invite, and leaving room on the list gives you a chance to add them on without going over your limit.

To avoid making anyone youíre not inviting feel left out, try not to mention the wedding to every single person you know. Sure, sharing the news is exciting, but itís best to keep this special information between you and your closest friends and family and those you are definitely going to invite. That way, they wonít expect an invitation from you.

Now that you know how to make a guest list for a wedding, you can share your wedding with those who mean the most to you.


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