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You can be as crazy and inventive as you want on YOUR wedding day.
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Be creative on your wedding day with something old, new, borrowed and blue.

There are numerous customs associated with weddings. Some you may want to follow, others you may want to ignore or discard. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules that dictate how inventive you can get with tradition. Unless you are a die-hard traditionalist who would not dream of tampering with custom there is nothing wrong with being creative with tradition.

"Old, new, borrowed and blue" can mean anything that you, the bride, want it to mean.

In the world of weddings, it is expected for the bride to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Ever wonder how those traditions got started? Blue symbolizes continuity with the family of the bride and with the past. Bride's garters are often blue. The something new part stands for hope and optimism for the new life of the bride and her future. Unless you are wearing a hand-me-down gown, your dress is the something new, as is probably most everything else that you don for your walk down the aisle.

The "old, new, borrowed and blue" items don't need to be only what the bride is wearing, of course. Consider purchasing something new for your special day, including wedding accessories, like candlebra for the head table, cake knife, cake toppers or toasting glasses.

The something borrowed tradition stems from the notion that borrowing something from a happily married family member or friend will pass her good fortune along to you. The sky is the limit on this one. Borrow whatever you want to borrow. If you borrow something that you will wear underneath your gown, no one is going to know what color it is or if it features a Mickey Mouse design. You can be creative with tradition and even push the envelope a bit, because it is your day and you can pretty much do what you want.

You are free to carry any kind of token that means good luck to you. Consider wearing the wedding band that belongs to your mother. Put it on your right hand during your wedding ceremony. This is something old and borrowed. Sew a scrap of the wedding dress that belonged to your mother or grandmother into the underside of your own. Again, this can accommodate two wedding traditions at once: Something old and borrowed, and maybe even blue if you sew it with blue thread.

The groom can get into the act, too. He may want to wear borrowed cuff links that belong to his father, or blue underwear, or come prepared with something new and very special: groomsmen gifts to mark the occasion in style, like engraved money clips,  flasks or pocketwatches.

Consider wearing blue gemstones as earrings or a necklace or bracelet. You could also use blue gemstones in your headpiece, choosing from sapphire, lapis lazuli, boulder opal, blue topaz and many other exquisite blue gemstones that will give some extra pizazz to your ensemble. In ancient times, blue was believed to stand for purity, faithfulness and loyalty so it was considered imperative that this color was present in some way during the wedding ceremony.

If you are in the mood to kick it up a notch or two, just because you are that kind of girl, consider wearing a blue wedding gown. Brides are often moving away from the notion that wearing a virginal white gown is a must and opting to waltz down the aisle in a burst of color. Of course, you can contain the color to a sash or trim if you do not want to depart that far from tradition. In ancient Rome, brides wore blue gowns. In the distant past, the bridal couple wore blue banding on the edge of their wedding outfits to imply love, modesty and fidelity.

Brides have not always worn white on their wedding day. Queen Victoria established the white dress tradition, which definitely caught on. Before that, brides wore their best gown, which could be any color. White is believed to ward off evil spirits so if you have any concerns about that, and, no, let us not make a mother-in-law joke, opt for white and incorporate splashes of color elsewhere.

There is no one stopping you from being creative with tradition.

Old, new, borrowed and blue can be left up to interpretation: Yours. Have some fun with it. If you suspect your mother or mother-in-law might suffer the vapors if they know your blue item is a thong or your old item is a ticket from a movie that you saw with your very first boyfriend 20 years ago, then do not tell them.

It will be our little secret.



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