Choosing bridal lingerie for your gown

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bridal lingerie
A longline strapless bra creates a seamless, beautiful torso
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Choosing bridal lingerie in advance of buying your gown is a smart move

When a bride is looking radiant and beautiful it may, in fact, have something to do with what is under that drop-dead gorgeous wedding gown. The bride's beauty may start with her foundation garments or, in modern lingo, her bridal lingerie.

Do not overlook the effect that good-fitting, form-hugging, as well as uplifting, comfortable and sexy lingerie can have on the overall appearance of you and your wedding gown on the big day.

Do not dismiss the importance of choosing bridal lingerie for your gown. The right foundation garments can make all the difference in how the gown fits, how it looks and how you feel, as well as your comfort level. No bride wants to be struggling with ill-fitting lingerie or underwear that is too small or too tight.

Purchase your bridal undergarments, or at least a close facsimile thereof, before you go to your wedding gown fitting. If you know you are going to buy a strapless gown, get a strapless bra that hoists you up, stays put and is comfortable. You do not want to spend your wedding day re-situating your bra and your breasts, which a lot of brides end up doing.

Your bra is the essential garment on your wedding day. You do not want your bra to be too tight or too loose or to create "back boobs" or squish your underarms. The cups, of course, must fit and not be too small or too big. The under-wire should be comfortable and not torturous. Yes, we've all been there, when the under-wire feels like it about to gouge you. Avoid this.

Go to a professional bra fitter and get sized. Find or order a bra that really fits you. Do not skimp on this one purchase because you may regret it if you do.

Your undergarments will alter the way that your dress looks and how it fits you. A bra, as well as Spanx or other body slimming undergarments, your stockings and even the shoes that you will wear on your wedding day will change your shape, hopefully for the better, as well as alter the silhouette of your gown.

Give ample consideration to your panties. You do not want to wear a pair that is riding up or sliding down and which requires you to tug on them throughout the day in a feeble attempt to keep them in place. Go for both a comfortable fit and sexy looking underpants; however, if you have to choose one over the other, opt for comfort. You have better things to worry about on your wedding day than your underpants. And you certainly have got plenty of occasions ahead of you in which to whip out the hot-cha-cha sexy thongs or g-strings.

Look at your backside after you put your gown on. Can you see panty lines?  If your gown is made of extremely thin fabric, do not wear bright red underpants (or black and other dark colors) because those sitting in the church pews will be able to see them. You might want to choose pantyhose that have built-in underwear to eliminate potential problems with your underpants.

Garter belts are sexy but can be complicated and problematic. If you opt to wear one, get one that fits you snugly around the waist. Hose can pull on a garter belt that is not constructed well, which will result in your hosiery sagging at the knees.

If you are wearing hose, buy a couple of pair in case you get a runner in the first pair. You may want to shed the shoes during the reception so you can roll and rock with abandon. You do not want your toe poking out through a run in your stockings.

You could wear thigh high hose and a garter. Consider wearing not one but two garters, on your right leg, positioned slightly above the knee. This way you can keep one garter and your new husband can remove the other garter and toss it.

Before you close the deal on your wedding gown, make sure that you have taken enough time choosing bridal lingerie. Gather it all together, head to the bridal shop, slip into your bra, your hose, your Spanx or Lyrca, your shoes, your garter or whatever you have chosen to wear and then put on your bridal gown, veil and shoes and get the full effect. Examine yourself from the front, sides and back. Determine if the bridal lingerie that you have selected is making the most of the gown that you have your heart set on.


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