Choosing Christian wedding gifts

By April Hall
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Christian wedding gift
When shopping for a Christian wedding gift, choose an item that recognizes the spiritual quality of the couple's relationship
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Pick out the perfect gift.

Nothing is more beautiful than watching people you care about make the commitment to get married. It is even more heart warming to know that the two people who are marrying each other share a bond in Christ and are making a commitment not only in front of friends, but also in front of their Creator.

When you are shopping for Christian wedding gifts, keep in mind that the couple will be celebrating a spiritual bond as well as a legal one, so look for a gift that recognizes the spiritual quality of the couple's relationship. The following are some gift ideas to keep in mind when you are deciding what to purchase.

Engraved Study Bibles

This is a perfect wedding gift, especially for the bride, because it is one of the first things that will have her new surname on it. By purchasing the new married couple Bibles, you are showing them that you understand that they want to continue to grow in their Christian faith together. You can make this gift extra special by writing a short note on the back of the front cover of the Bible, wishing them a long and happy life together.

Christian Home Décor 

Because the couple will now be living together in a new home, they will probably need some help getting their new place decorated. There are many choices in home décor for people who would like to give the couple a symbol of their spiritual commitment.

You may want to consider looking for a framed scripture plaque that has a beautiful picture in the background. Or there are some lovely crosses that would be the perfect start to a new collection. If you choose a home decor item that has a scripture about the home, family or children, you are blessing the new couple by immediately giving them the chance to set the spiritual tone for their new home.

Serving Items

Many Christian couples will spend a lot of time in fellowship with members of their local church community. A nice serving platter, set of beautiful dishes or flatware, or set of serving utensils is a wonderful gift for a young couple who is just starting out. Nothing will make them more pleased than to be able to host friends and loved ones, serving them with beautiful items. Serving items are a great gift in themselves; however, if you attach a handwritten note encouraging them to practice hospitality, the couple will surely feel blessed by your gift.

Another take on these types of Christian wedding gifts is to give the couple a quality, hardcover cookbook with a note of blessing inside. Not only will they be able to use the recipes in the book, but a hardcover book with a nice cover will make a lovely addition to a new kitchen.

There is almost nothing more fun than to purchase a wedding gift that you are sure will be appreciated! Some of the best ideas for Christian wedding gifts can actually come from your own memory—think back to your own wedding, if you have already had one, and remember which gifts meant the most to you and your new family. Usually the best gifts have a handwritten note of blessing that can stay with the item, or the item itself is handmade. Just remember always to take the time to make whichever gift you choose a true blessing by attaching a personal note that reflects your desire for blessings upon the newly married couple.

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