Wedding save the date etiquette

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save the date
Save-the-date etiquette is still up in the air. You decide.
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Save-the-date cards aren't mandatory but many opt to send them.


It used to be that you told people, well enough in advance, that you were getting married on such and such day and they showed up if they were in town. However, in the pandemonium of our hectically busy and demanding lives, brides and grooms are opting to send out save the date cards months far in advance of their nuptials to ensure that their guests have more than ample notification and can plan accordingly.


Six weeks notice used to be the norm but that lessens your window of opportunity. If your guests know about your wedding six months in advance there is a better chance that they can clear their schedules and attend. Wedding invitation etiquette is shifting to accommodate new social rules for wedding save the date etiquette and means of communication.


Save the date notices are a relatively new tradition, which means that all of the rules that accompany virtually everything that has to do with getting engaged and getting married have yet to be penned. Save the date cards are similar to engagement announcements, although announcements are usually mailed before a date is set for the wedding.


If you decide to send out save the date notices, you can choose from a variety of cards. Some brides and grooms send out save the date magnets that you can attach to your refrigerator, along with all of the other things that you need to see on a regular basis so that you can remember. Other options include scratch off cards, announcement postcards and insertions in your Christmas cards.



The save the date card should include your names and the date of your wedding.  Make it simple: Jake and Jocelyn are getting hitched on July 10, 2010 in Greenfield, Ohio. Invitation to follow. Incorporate a picture into your save the date card if you so desire. You can also include pertinent information for out of town guests, including hotel accommodations.


The save the date card is informal compared to the official wedding invitation. It is usually done in a complimentary color scheme, with coordinated graphics or type fonts.


Since there are no hard and fast wedding save the date etiquette rules regarding cards (although there surely will be in the near future) you have some leeway regarding the design of your cards. The save the date card can jive with your wedding theme, including colors and design, but it does not have to. However, you do want the cards to be an accurate reflection of the wedding you have planned. If you are getting married on the beach at sunset do not send a save the date card that suggests that you are getting married in a highly formal ceremony in a cathedral. notes that if your wedding is planned for a non-holiday weekend it really is not necessary to send out save the date cards. Instead, send your formal invitations approximately six weeks before the wedding day. However, if you are getting hitched on a holiday weekend, do send out the save the date cards because your guests may already be making their own plans for that particular weekend.


If you are planning a destination wedding, it is advisable to give your guests nine- to 12 months advance notice. The actual formal invitation to a destination wedding should be sent out 2.5- to three months in advance.


If you choose not to send save the date cards this is not a violation of wedding etiquette; however, it is a good way to give your family and friends time to make the needed arrangements as well as generate excitement about your upcoming nuptials.


You are not required to send wedding save the date cards to all of your guests. You can send them only to those who will be traveling or to those who have exceptionally busy schedules. The only drawback to sending save the date cards to a select few is that those who do not receive them and find out that they have been sent may assume that they are not invited.



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