Where to find good white wine

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white wine
White wine pairs well with food, but is often enjoyed on its own
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Don't settle for any white wine; make sure it is a high quality, good white wine

Riesling, chardonnay, pinot grigio; oh my! If you love white wine, or even happen to like it just a little bit, you're probably charmed by its sophistication, flavor and mystique. There's just something about pouring the light-colored liquid into that curvy glass.

Perhaps it's the way it looks as it shimmers in the light or the way it goes down so smooth and easily. Either way, it's simply magical. Fortunately, finding good white wine is a snap, as long as you know where and what to look for.

Before you begin your quest to find good sweet or dry white wine, knowing what you're actually drinking is quite helpful. As you may have noticed, your favorite white wine isn't actually white at all, but actually golden or straw-like in color. This is caused by the types of grapes used. The juicy flesh and skin of green, gold and yellow grapes all play a part in making your sumptuous beverage. The type of grape used determines the type of wine it is. 

As you may know, white wines are typically paired with certain food items. Forget eating a big old, heavy pasta meal with the light-colored liquid; good white wines are often enjoyed with lighter fare.

White wine is commonly offered with lunches and appetizers. And fish and white wine is usually a match made in culinary heaven. A good rule of thumb when deciding which wine to sip on with your meal is "white wine with white meat." Although this rule isn't set in stone, it can come in handy when you have to think on your toes.

Wine purists often recommend going straight to the source when it comes to finding a good white wine. Visiting a vineyard often supplies you with fresh wine and a vast amount of knowledge. Not only are you allowed to sip and sample various wines before you make your purchase, but you can often talk to the person who actually made the wine.

Visiting a wine bar or a wine tasting is also a choice in your search for good white wine, as you can discuss the beverage with a knowledgeable bartender or sommelier.  You can also pick up a bottle at a wine store. However, the employees at the store may not be too knowledgeable about every wine they offer.

As you train your palate to appreciate a good white wine, and to know the difference between a sweet and a dry white, it is fun and educational to join an online wine club. Every month, carefully selected wines are delivered to you for tasting at your leisure, and literature about the wine, along with suggestions for addtional purchases are a great way to learn your way around finding and ordering wine.

Wine isn't just a fabulous beverage to serve with your meal, but it also makes a great gift, as well. Because when it comes down to it, who wouldn't like some good white wine? Just about any occasion is suitable for a wine gift. From birthdays to anniversaries, wine fits the bill. To take your gift up a notch, give the recipient a wine gift basket. Many come with not only the delicious wine, but assorted food that complements the flavors found in the wine.

Knowing how to pick and where to get your good white wine is essential to fully enjoying the best thing grapes have to offer.

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