Boho looks are perennial fashion winners

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Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin was one of the original bohemians, who made boho fashion chic
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Boho fashion is the polar opposite of conventional and mainstream

If you are a conservative, minimalist type dresser, who sticks with neutrals, eschews color, pattern and design, and who wants to be as inconspicuous as possible, the "boho" style is not the look for you.

On the other hand, for those who enjoy ethnic embellishments, color, spangles or beads, layers of scarves, color, long and flowing outfits -- and a nod to gypsies and hippies of the 1960s -- then this is definitely the style for you. Boho is an abbreviation of bohemian.

Think Earth Mother wrapped up with gypsy. Bohemian looks are perennial fashion winners, from the streets of fashion-conscious cities like New York, to the runways of Paris and Milan.

The first Bohemians were refugees or travelers from the central part of Europe. Bohemian means Roma people or gypsy. The term is now used to describe someone or some thing, such as a decorating trend, that is disparate and unconventional.

Bohemianism or "boho" is a term that is used to describe an avant-garde lifestyle and a quirky way of dressing. The term boho is sometime used interchangeably with the expressions vintage and retro.

Boho fashion looks entail patterned outfits, bold, ethnic jewelry such as big wooden braces or bangles, lots of silver earrings, ankle bracelets. In fact bohemian jewelry can be quite bold and exotic. Earrings that feature beads and feathers would be right in line.

Wearing natural looking materials and dyes creates interesting and ornate boho clothing as well as art pieces. Boho fashions often consist of boots, cropped jackets, floaty skirts, furry gilets, large faux coin belts, embroidered tunics and hobo bags. Leggings or tights are also a part of this fashion look.

You can achieve your bohemian fashion looks by purchasing clothes in vintage clothing stores or thrift stores but you can also find items in the mainstream stores that are very much bohemian. Natural cotton dresses, natural wool sweaters, and other foundations are a great place to start a bohemian fashion looks.

The maxi dress is a great way to create the boho fashion look. Generally, the dress is printed in a bohemian style. The maxi looks great with funky sandals and audacious jewelry. A celebrity who has latched onto the boho style is Nicole Richie. She often wears flowing maxie dresses and a hippie head band, which can be beaded or made out of chains. Scarves are also a wonderful detail. The contemporary maxi dress is a great foundation for the boho look. Buy a maxi dress that is colorful and patterned, accessorize with ethnic jewelry and then top it off with a funky shawl.

The standard boho look is an embroidered peasant top coupled with well worn blue jeans.

The boho look extends to decorating as well as to clothing. Anytime that you wear or use vintage clothing of styles, which harken back to an earlier time and an unconventional era, you are developing drifting into the boho arena.

Actress Sienna Miller, who put the boho look on the map in the mid 2000s, has an older sister, Samantha, who is a fashion describer. Samantha Miller describes a real bohemian as someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, does not know any limits and whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box.

If you opt for bohemian fashion looks, you can mix and match various styles. You will not be beholden to one designer or design. Just do not go overboard or you may come across as too gaudy or a bag lady. Consider using bold prints in your accessories such as a hippie head band or a waist scarf, while opting for less design in your top and skirt.

The contemporary boho fashion look is a bit more upscale than the hippie look of the past. There is a modern and chic edge to the boho style, which is downright glamorous and does not make you automatically think communal living.

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