How to select an underwire bra

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Underwire bras provide support, comfort and lift
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Underwires do undercover work, lifting, hoisting, separating and supporting.

An underwire bra can go a long way when it comes to securing and supporting your breasts; however, an ill-fitting underwire bra can jab you and make you uncomfortable.

The best selection of quality underwire bras can be found a store or specialty catalog that features intimate apparel for women. These retailers carry the widest variety of sizes and styles. Underwire bras from specialty retailers run the range from ultra-feminine to sporty, and are well-made to withstand frequent wear and laundering.

When selecting an underwire, expect the wire to be sufficiently covered with fabric to provide a bit of a cushion between your skin and the wire. Incorporated into the underside of the cup, the underwire provides an additional boost to your bosom and helps lift and separate your breasts.

There are four basic elements of the bra to consider when selecting your underwire bra, which include the bra band, the straps, cups and the closure. A standard bra consists of a two-piece cup, an underwire, a partial band, straps that are relatively wide and comfortable and should not cut into your shoulders, and a back closure.

If you opt for a bra with an underwire and a full band, the cups set into the band and the band extends all the way around your body. Whereas a partial band features a band attached at the sides of each cup with a hook or center front piece separating the cups.

Underwire bras come in a multiplicity of colors, designs and styles, including demi bras, shelf bras, full coverage bras, push-up bras and even nursing bras. A very trendy type of underwire bra includes the camisole bra, often edged in scalloped lace, meant to be seen as it peeks out from underneath your shirt or your jacket. This adaptation of the underwire bra is ideal for wearing under low-cut tops.

Select an underwire bra that not only contours your breasts and provides support but features a seamless back that completely does away with any bulges on your back, the result of an ill-fitting bra. Lingerie specialty retailers offer a number of underwire bra designs with a wide back and smooth straps, like the vanishing back bra. The outcome is a beautiful silhouette, support and sleek, full coverage.

Bras have changed radically in recent years and any woman with any breast size can find a brassiere to accommodate her needs and enhance her bust. Consider purchasing an underwire bra that has strategically placed slings tucked inside the cups that provide customized support and shape. This type of underwire bra provides the ideal amount of support for your specific cup size.

Choosing the most desirable underwire bra depends to a great extent on your needs and preferences. Do you want full or minimal coverage? Padding? Lined or unlined? Do you like a front closure or back hooks? Do you need two or three back hooks? Do you want a T-back strap, racer back strap or a strapless bra? Do you prefer unadorned or embellished bras?

Purchase a few very different styles and put them through the "wear test." Try them under various tops. When you find a style that is comfortable and supportive, looks for variations in color, trim and price point.

Take all of this into consideration before you make your selection. There are so many delectable underwire bras that will strike your fancy that it can be a challenge narrow down your selections. Enjoy building a lovely lingerie collection, with underwire bras that complement every outfit.

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