Petite fashion tips: wearing bold patterns

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Large patterns can be difficult to pull off in petite fashions
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A simple fashion rule for patterns on petite women

Petite fashions have been around for decades because of the need for shorter-waisted clothes for shorter women. There are a number of important petite fashion tips. Wearing patterns in petite fashions is one of the issues tip-givers often hit on when advising shorter women what to wear.


What Is Petite Fashion?


Manufacturers don't have to use the same standards for their clothing, so if you want exact measurements, you will need to consult each manufacturer's sizing charts. However, petite clothing is generally designed for women of heights up to 5'3" or 5'4". Petite women, in the fashion world, are not necessarily small-framed. The designation has nothing to do with weight or body shape; its only indicator is height. Thus you can find petite plus clothing, sometimes at the same retailers that also sell standard petite, misses, and standard plus sizes.


Is Wearing Patterns in Petite Fashions a Good Idea?


You will generally see the same sorts of styles in petite and misses departments. But the selection in the petite section is often more limited - and it is important to keep petite fashion tips in mind when deciding on clothing, especially clothing with bold or large patterns.


Remember, you're not limited to petite clothing just because you're a shorter woman. You can still shop in the misses clothing section, but you may have to be more selective.



If you find clothing you like, but it doesn't quite fit right, you can often alter clothes to fit you better. Other clothing may not need alteration, but you still need to know what to look for. Knowing a few petite fashion tips can help you evaluate clothing on the rack to know what's even worth your time to try on.

Experts don't recommend you avoid wearing patterns in petite fashions, but they do say large patterns can overwhelm your frame. For this reason, they recommend you compare the pattern to your fist; if the pattern is larger than your fist, it's probably not the best choice. This is the #1 rule in petite fashion tips!


What If I'm Pregnant?


Pregnancy adds a whole other dimension to clothes shopping. The same rule about wearing patterns in petite fashions applies to pregnant women, but you'll also have additional considerations when you shop for petite maternity clothing.


Keeping some petite fashion tips in mind may help you manage the process, but if you find it overwhelming, consider jotting down a checklist. As you're evaluating clothing, either on the rack or in the mirror, run down the list and look at the garment in light of each item.



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