Fashion inspiration: print shawls and wraps

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Wrap yourself in an exquisite shawl
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An ordinary outfit is transformed into spectacular fashion with a print shawl

If you want to knock their socks off when you step into the room, making a grand entrance, cloak yourself in a fine woven wrap or print shawl fashion that boasts such exotic colors, designs and textures that the stole will steal the show. Fashionable print shawls and wraps make such an artful statement, they could be framed, hung on the wall and presented as a world class piece of textural art.


Shawls, wraps and stoles are fashion inspiration because they are exquisite, beautiful, as unique as you want them to be, versatile, functional and can stand alone in their own right. Print shawls and wraps can be coupled with a dressy dress or with jeans and will transform whatever you are working into a veritable fashion piece. Shawls and stoles and wraps are also functional and will keep you warm and can even do double-duty as a headpiece if you get caught in the rain.


A shawl, like a drop dead pair of earrings or a pair of funky shoes, makes a statement. In a stunning color, breath-taking pattern or unusual print, a shawl will turn heads. Exotic woven fabrics will become the focal point of your outfit.


The reason that shawls are often referred to as "wraps" is because they wrap around you. When you wrap a shawl over your shoulders, you drape it. It can hang freely or you can clasp it together in the front or at the shoulder with a stunning broach.


Of course, you can wear your print shawl however you prefer. An easy-to-achieve print shawl fsahion look is to wrap your shawl over your shoulders, allowing the ends, which may be fringed, to fall down in the front. Then allow the shawl to fall off of your shoulders and gather in the crooks of your elbows, which achieves a simple wrap at the elbow look. This print shawl fashion technique will not protect you from the cold or the elements, but it will certainly look stylish.


Shawls and wraps are very versatile, primarily because of the shapes and fabrics they are made from. Some shawls are triangular shaped, while others are large rectangles. They can come in a variety of materials, such as silk, knit or pashmina cashmere.

If you are unorthodox and edgy, wear your print shawl or wrap as a skirt, sarong style. Wrap it around your waist and let it flow and drape. You can wear jeans or another skirt or even leggings underneath or, if you are really daring, nothing at all.

Wear a print shawl as a shrug that covers your shoulders and upper arms as well as some of your back. You can tie the shawl or wrap in the front or the back. This can be worn casually, over jeans, or over a dress. This is an ideal way to wear your shawl in the evening because not only does it look good but it will keep you warm on a chilly evening.

Another option is to tie your print shawl wrap in an ascot style, wearing it like a cape, or you can wear it in the scarf style: Wrap the width of the entire shawl around your neck and let the ends flow down onto and over your shoulders.

A shawl can be folded up and put into your purse if you do not need it. If the weather turns cool, you can easily retrieve your shawl and wrap up it in.

A beautiful shawl or stole can inspire you to become more creative with color and design. It can turn an ordinary outfit into something that stops traffic. It may turn out to be the best fashion accessory that you have ever purchased.

You will fall in love with the versatility of print shawls; you will find your own unique fashion inspiration print shawl a dependable conversation piece. Where did you find that exquisite piece?

Your shawl may very well inspire other fashionistas to jump on the print shawl fashion bandwagon.


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