Women’s fashion sneakers go just about anywhere

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cybill shepherd
Cybill Shepherd is no stranger to sneakers
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Cybill Shepherd blazed the way, wearing womens fashion sneakers everywhere

When it comes to women's fashion sneakers, think of Cybill Shepherd, the movie and TV actress, who was quite the controversial fashion trailblazer at one time. Back in the day, when she was regularly showing up on the red carpet, it was not unusual at all, but quite expected, for sneakers to peek out from underneath her designer gown.

She drew criticism when she showed up at the Emmy Awards in 1985 wearing orange high top sneakers under her gown. Some women simply are not willing to sacrifice the health of their feet, and Cybill is one of them. In fact, Cybill once referred to high heels as “a form of bondage.” She only wore high heels when her feet were visible in shots for her TV show “Moonlighting.” The rest of the time, it was sneakers.

Since Cybill’s TV heyday in the 1980s, women’s fashion sneakers have come a long way. Not only are they worn for comfort but they’re pretty cool looking as well. Combining sneakers with an evening gown will still get a rise out of onlookers and fashion critics, but other than that, women’s fashion sneakers pretty much go anywhere nowadays.

Women who have to pound the hard city pavement as they walk to and from work often don sneakers with their professional wear. The late Mr. Blackwell of the Worst Dressed List might not give a thumb’s up but, remember, he’s gone. Furthermore, even fashionistas have got to look out for the health of their feet or they aren’t going to be going anywhere, except on crutches or in a wheelchair.

If you are on the prowl for sneakers that are versatile and will not be the first thing that is noticed when you sashay through the door, opt for fashion sneakers in gray or black, rather than white. White sneakers are not quite as fashion-forward as colored tennis shoes and are more noticeable, particularly if they are really clean and white.

Check out the soles on the sneakers. The thinner the soles, the more likely the sneaker is to blend into the rest of your apparel and not scream out, “I am wearing sneakers!”

Try the wedge heel type of sneaker, which comes in a rainbow of colors. Wedge sneakers look great with shorts and jeans.

Whether you are a Nike or Reebok or New Balance or Adidas fan, you are apt to find some really remarkable women's fashion sneakers on the market. New Balance specializes in producing shoes that cater to those with wide and narrow feet and for those who over-pronate or under-pronate, which means the foot rolls too far inward or outward when walking. These shoes, which come in an array of colors and designs, feature select technology to ensure that these shoes are comfortable as well as fashionable.

Nike has issued forth the new Dunk High Skinny, which is tailored to fit a woman’s foot and which is not as bulky as the original and it looks good, too. Nike’s Sweet Classic tennis-inspired sneaker boasts a ageless look that is available in both low- and high-top models. This shoe is very versatile and is good looking.

Puma’s Saba Ballet sneaker is a slip-on and about as feminine looking as you can get. These are the perfect women's fashion sneakers for a casual afternoon in the village or at the beach.

If you really want to rock a retro look, grab a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All star sneakers, which are considered an American original. This slouchy high top is available in crazy new colors, materials and style.

When the weather turns nasty, slip into a pair of Nike Women’s Vandal Venti sneaker boots, which come in various colors. These boots feature detailed floral designs, patent leather accents and unique stitching. This is a sneaker that will really get you noticed.


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