About Us
Mission Statement:

Imagine a world where you can browse and shop thousands of top catalogs and stores all from one place.

Now imagine accessing these catalogs from wherever you are - using your computer, your iPad or your phone - and even discovering exclusive savings offers such as free shipping or discounts off your purchases.

That's the mission at Catalogs.com

Who we are:

In 1996, we started our website with 19 catalog merchants and a staff of one and a half. Well the demand for our service grew quickly and today we now offer over 650 print and online catalogs - from the world's largest retailers to specialized stores providing unique and hard to find items. Our staff has also grown to 17 dynamic and internet savvy professionals (and catalog shoppers). The catalogs and stores featured on Catalogs.com, Catalogs.com for iPad and our mobile sites have been carefully reviewed and selected as the "best in their class" so you can be confident you are shopping from only the most reputable merchants. We stake our fourteen year reputation on that!

Catalogs.com has been helping shoppers find the perfect catalogs and online stores for the products they want - all free of charge. At Catalogs.com, if you request to get a printed version of a catalog, you'll only get what you request -- order a Sears catalog and get a Sears catalog. We won't send you a Spiegel, Hammacher Schlemmer or Orvis catalog too.

There's never a charge for our service, there are no memberships and most importantly, we DO NOT share your name, address or e-mail address with anyone except the store from which you requested information.

If you love print catalogs, we encourage you to read about each catalog before you decide to order it so you can choose only the right catalogs for your shopping needs. We also offer direct links to all of our merchant's online stores, so you can start shopping even before your print catalog arrives in the mail.

Businesses can also enjoy the convenience of Catalogs.com, with the launch of our new Business.catalogs.com site, offering print and online catalogs that feature the products you need to keep your office, restaurant, medical practice or other business running smoothly every day.

Our NO's:

NO email address sharing
NO mailing address sharing
NO pop-ups
NO spam
NO downloads
NO memberships
NO hidden costs or add-ons

Exclusive savings:

Most of the merchants featured on Catalogs.com also provide great savings specials which are exclusive to shoppers of Catalogs.com. Whether you shop online by linking to catalog websites, or shop through the printed catalogs you request, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy savings ranging from discounts off your purchases to free shipping

Catalogs.com for iPad:

Our brand new Catalogs.com for iPad is a totally revolutionary way to catalog shop. Flip the pages of your favorite catalog on your iPad screen and see thousands of products appear as if you had the print catalog in your lap. It's truly a fun and exciting way to shop like never before and we invite you to check it out on your iPad at shop.catalogs.com or by searching the Apple App Store for "catalogs" and downloading the free App.

Catalog requests:

Our policy of only sending catalogs you request translates into convenience for you. But it also helps the catalog companies become more efficient so they do not need to waste printing and postage by mailing their catalogs to people who didn't ask for their catalogs. That saves money, time, and from an environmental respect - it keeps our world green.

Why catalog shopping is "Green Shopping":

Catalogs are a convenient way to shop, but did you know they're also a green way to shop? When you receive a catalog that you have requested, you can shop for the products you need without driving all over town, wasting precious fuel or polluting our environment. You can also share the shopping experience with friends, family and co-workers, all from a single catalog. And today, most catalog companies use recycled paper to print their new catalogs.

But let's be clear - Green catalog shopping only works when you get just the catalogs you want. We don't think your mailbox should be full of catalogs or other mail that you don't want or did not request - therefore we have set up a resource page of services that can help you reduce your unwanted mail now at www.catalogs.com/projectgreen

Your privacy comes first:

Since we started in 1996, we have prided ourselves in being honest and open, offering detailed and strict privacy policies, and abiding by the highest code of ethics. Our customer service is among the best in the industry (so we've been told, numerous times, by consumers and merchants alike).


With so many wonderful catalogs and online stores to choose from, we think you'll easily find the products you need at prices you can afford. Feel free to email us as we look forward to hearing what you have to say. We invite you to come back frequently and re-visit Catalogs.com and Catalogs.com for iPad. We are always adding new catalogs, online stores, and special savings. Thanks and happy shopping!

Where we are:

Our headquarters is located in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

2800 Glades Circle
Suite 135
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
PH: 954.659.9005
FAX: 954.659.9007