Accessorize a tuxedo for a unique look

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There is something about a man in a tux that turns heads

There is something about a man in a tuxedo that is capable of taking your breath away: Dashing, debonair and confident as well as oh so sexy. Especially men with the style sense to accessorize a tuxedo for a unique look. Images of the iconic actor Cary Grant come to mind.

If a man wants to get dressed to the nines, then a tuxedo is the ticket. It is the top of the top when it comes to classic formal wear. However, most men only wear a tuxedo when they get married, if then, but even it is only a one-time occasion, the gent should look smashing and accessorize a tuxedo to the nines.

When you are renting or buying a tux, know that white or gray tuxes are exclusively for weddings whereas a black tuxedo can be worn to various formal events. The best advice is to get black if you are purchasing a tuxedo. You will get more bang for you buck this way. Now think about how you should accessorize a tuxedo for a unique look. Consider wearing a vest under your tux instead of a cummerbund. If you do opt for a cummerbund, do not go hog wild regarding the color unless your bride instructs you to do so and, as we already know, she is the boss, so do what she says.


Rent or purchase a handkerchief that matches your vest and choose either a long tie or bow tie. Most grooms opt for a bow tie but you do not have to go that route. In fact, you can wear a beautiful, sleek long tie while your groomsmen wear bow ties, mixing it up a bit. If you do wear a bow tie, make sure that you and your groomsmen correctly tie the bow ties or else they are going to look cock-eyed.

You can wear shirt studs that will keep your shirt closed as well as give you a more upscale look. Some men like to wear top hats and carry a cane when in a tuxedo.

French cuffs on your shirt are very cool looking when it comes to men's tuxedos. A French cuff has an extra layer of fabric at the lower edge of the sleeve. The cuff can have a trim or an ornamental border.

A standard dress shirt cuff is held together with cuff links whereas a French cuff is folded over and closed with cuff links. The shirt cuff should fall somewhere between 1/4th to 1/2 inch below the sleeve of your tux jacket. Your shirt should be securely tucked into your waistband and the shirt should be long enough that it stays in place.

Wear some good looking cuff links and consider giving matching cuff links to your groomsmen as a gift. Cuff links come in a multitude of styles. Basic black cuffs trimmed in silver or gold are always appropriate.

You can get away with wearing a pair of flashy socks, just do not get too carried away, as well as a tie pin, pocket square and button covers.

White is generally the color of choice for the shirt. Shirts that do not have front pleats may be a bit more comfortable if the weather is hot and the look is cleaner than the pleated look. Again, it boils down to personal preference.

When selecting your shirt, accessorizing your tuxedo, consider that your shirt can be either a fine-ribbed shirt or pleated. Collared shirts are often favored, regardless of whether you are wearing a bow tie or long tie. A tux shirt comes in various styles, including mandarin collars, turn down collars and wing collars, the latter the most formal. A winged collar is stiff and stands up against and around the neck whereas a turn down collar has a pleated, soft front.

You can wear a tux with tails if that is your choice.

Do not forget the shoes. Do not show up at the formal occasion, decked out in a formidable tux, wearing scruffy shoes. Shine your shoes or buy or rent a new pair. Patent leather shoes are always a good choice but optional. If you have nice black shoes (that you have scrupulously shined) wear them, as they are the most important component to accessorize a tuxedo.


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