What jewelry to wear to work

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Trendy goldtone and blue stone necklace and earrings is eye catching
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Deciding what jewelry to wear to work depends upon what your job is

The type and amount of jewelry that you wear to work depends in large part on what type of work you do.

If you are a woman construction worker dealing with tools and heavy equipment, you probably arenít going to wear any jewelry because it can impede your progress and get tangled up in machinery. If you are a surgeon, once again, you may limit the amount of jewelry that you wear because you are don't want your earrings or necklace to inadvertently end up in somebody's body.

However, If you work in the fashion industry or in a creative environment where flair and innovation is encouraged then your jewelry choices are endless.What fun to pick out accessories for your various work outfits!

Most married women, but not all, like to wear their engagement and wedding rings 24/7 so thatís a given. Many women need and want to wear a wristwatch. The kind that you choose again depends on whether you want a trendy watch to be a standout accessory that everyone notices, a classic watch that says you're all business, or simply a watch that keeps time and hopefully keeps you on track. Nurses wear wristwatches because they routinely take pulses and need a watch so that they can do that.

If you are a kindergarten teacher, for example, and are often on the floor with a bunch of lively five- and six year old kids you may not want to load yourself down with bangles and dangling earrings but you can wear post earrings and brooches and shorter length necklaces.

Mothers of small children must be cautious about wearing dangling pierced earrings because babies are apt to yank at them, which can tear the ear lobe. Wearing clip-on earrings may be a better and safer option. If an infant yanks on your clip-on earring this is not going to be disastrous as it can be when pierced earrings are grabbed.

If you work in a no-holds-barred environment where you can wear what you want and strut your fashion savvy, go for some of the latest trend settling necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches that can jazz up an ordinary outfit like nobody's business.

Wear a brooch on your sweater or your jacket or on your hat. And, no, the brooch doesn't look like something that your great-grandmother wore unless, of course, you are into vintage jewelry and that's exactly what you want. You can make awesome hair accessories out of brooches by gluing them to hair combs.

Add add color, texture, design, patterns and an overall interest to what would be an otherwise bland outfit by incorporating jewelry into your daily work wardrobe. 

Your jewelry can be traditional and classic or artsy and trendy. It can be bold or subdued, gold or silver or a variation of the two metals. A multitude of stones is available in varying colors, sizes, shapes and styles. You can mix and match to your heart's content.

Do not shy away from color. If you are wild about turquoise, wear a lot of it. Red jewelry, purple, black, oranges and greens are all available and can put pizzazz into that black ensemble that you tend to wear all time and which your co-workers tell you has become quite boring, predictable and dreary.

Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor or Janis Joplin depending on the mood you are in. Beads are cool, Art Deco style jewelry is drop dead gorgeous and crystal earrings, bracelets and necklaces can look like they cost a fortune but they didn't.

Costume jewelry is very affordable and very beautiful. You do not have to be rich to wear accessories that make you look like you are.

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