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Where to find summer camp reviews

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Fun times at summer camp
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Reviews will help you find the perfect summer camp for your child

Summer is finally here:  hot nice weather, relaxing trips to the beach, long days.

This also means school is out and our little ones are spending lots of time home sleeping, eating and just being their crazy selves to drive us nuts.

As much as we love to have them around and spend quality time with them, sometimes the smart solution to keep them out of either our busy work schedules, our already booked relaxing vacations or just out of the house, is a summer camp.

Most kids love summer camp, but others have second thoughts after they've enrolled and spent their first day away.

The reality is that summer camps are a beautiful opportunity for kids to grow in a lot of important aspects of their lives. Good summer camps keep them learning without hitting the books.  It's an overall no-brainer!

What is not easy is deciding which summer camp to send them to. Should it be a day camp or a sleep away camp?

There are a lot questions and doubts that come to mind when our kids' summer days, vacation time and safety are involved. What better source of information then the internet to find the answers to all our doubts?

Helpful summer camp reviews

We can find helpful websites that are dedicated to give parents and kids all the information about the most popular summer camps in the country; what they offer, how they work, tips about the camping experience, their safety policies, the activities they present and professional background about the staff.

Start your research with, a site created with parents, campers and even staff members in mind. By just typing in the name of the summer camp and the state you will be given access to all the information, answers and scoop you need about a specific summer camp program.

At there are over 4,000 camps in the database. By choosing or typing the name of the summer camp in their search engine and you will find the ratings and testimonials of real families, parents and kids that have already participated in the program. 

If you don't have a particular camp program in mind, helps you find the right one. In addition to having reviews and recommendations from real parents and kids, this helpful website can help you find the right camp for your kid.  They have an amazing and handy search engine where you can choose from whether you want a day or send away camp, the state you are in or want your child to visit, and what activities your child wants to do or likes.

Do your research

So before you go ahead and make a final decision about your kids' summer plans take a minute to get all the information and recommendations about the staff, the activities and the security measures of the summer camp you have in mind.

Don't forget to get your little love involved in the process so he or she can have a great summer doing what he/she wants and having fun while meeting new friends. Summer camp friends often become lifelong friends they will cherish and be grateful for.

Become a reviewer

Do other parents a favor as well by leaving a detailed review on the camps that your children attend.

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