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Eye makeup ideas to update your look

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cruella deville
Be careful if you are drawing in your eyebrows or you may end up channeling Cruella DeVille, which is not a good look for anyone!
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If your daughter says you need new eye makeup ideas, start here!

"Oh, mom, that is so 1980s."

Ever heard that one? If you are a woman of a certain age with a daughter of a certain age, the answer is probably yes. The remark can be made in regard to hair, clothing or your eye makeup. Take it as a hint: you need some new eye makeup ideas to update your look!

Eye makeup can date you faster than you can shake a stick, especially if you are stuck makeup-wise in a bygone era.  The eye makeup that you wore in your twenties is probably not suitable or flattering when you are in your forties or fifties. Your eyes, skin and coloring are not the same as they were when you were a youthful piece of work. You need to adapt your eye makeup to keep your look updated.  

If you have shaved or waxed your eyebrows, are drawing them i,n and are doing so with a heavy hand, this looks like you are channeling Cruella DeVille.  This can age you. Eyebrows are very important because eyebrows frame your eyes. They should not overpower your face, however.

If the brows look good, this improves your overall look. If you do not know how to tweeze properly, have your brows professionally done and ask her to explain how to do it. When you wax the hairs under your eyebrows, beware: You are going to have a bit of a red glow in that area for a while which shrieks: I just had my eyebrows waxed! Try not to overly pluck or wax. On the other hand, do not allow your brows to get shaggy.

Because the brows become thinner with age, it is essential that you do not go hog wild and overly tweeze them. They may not grow back, and that is not the goal. Follow the natural arch of your brows when tweezing. Pluck the stray hairs that are under and over your actual brow line. When you applying color (not too heavy or too dark) to your eyebrows, finish your brows with a dab of hair gel, which will keep your eyebrow hairs from straying.

Another way to update your eye makeup ideas includes curling your eyelashes before applying mascara to make your eyes look larger and younger.  

If you like a strong eye makeup, tone down your lips. You do not need to have both a strong eye and strong mouth because you may end up looking clownish.

If you are a woman of a certain age, you may want to avoid garish colored eye shadow and avoid using multiple shades at once. Eye shadow can collect in your wrinkles and make crepe-like skin more apparent, which is precisely the opposite of what you want to achieve when applying makeup. Ditch the sparkly, shimmery eye shadow and use matte shadows in neutral colors, which will show off your eyes but not your wrinkles. Eye makeup is not supposed to age you. Consider using neutral shades.

As much as you may be inclined not to believe it, sometimes less is more. Piling on more foundation, blush, concealer, eyeliner and eye shadow is not going to make you look younger or better. It will age you.

When applying eyeliner, do not make the line too heavy or too dark because this makes your eyes look smaller. If the eyeliner is too heavy, this emphasizes lines and wrinkles around your eyes that you would prefer not be the center of attention. Instead of lining the entire eye, start on the outside corner and line your eyes to the midway point of the eye and stop. If you like to do a bit of a cat eye with your liner, this is fine, but make sure that the line goes up when you reach the outside of your eye. If the liner goes down, this drags your eyes down as well as your face and the whole point is to uplift your facial features.  

Using a concealer under your eyes will brighten the entire eye space and make you look fresher and more radiant. However, the concealer cannot  be too dark or too light, it needs to be just a little bit lighter than the rest of your facial skin, or that will defeat the purpose and all anyone is going to notice is the concealer. What is she trying to hide?

Putting a discreet dab of matte powdery shadow in a light color underneath your brow bone will lift the eye but, again, do not go heavy on your touch. Forget the 1960s.

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