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How to make eyes appear bigger

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Liza Minelli is known for her large, expressive eyes
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Artful application of makeup is on the list of how to make eyes appear bigger

Make-up is a miracle worker. Make-up can achieve miraculous goals. It can be the best tool in a list of how to make eyes appear bigger, to emphasize or camouflage, accentuate or minimize. However, it has to be applied correctly to do the trick. If done wrong, make-up can backfire on you, and you will look just plain silly and defeat the purpose all together.

Women with small eyes often express a desire to make their eyes look bigger. That is where make-up can come to the rescue. There are clever ways to make your eyes appear bigger.

Use an under eye concealer that is a tad lighter than your facial skin tone. This does a good job of covering up dark circles and, additionally, it makes the entire eye area look brighter and more open.  You can also put some pink shadow under your eyes before you apply the concealer because the pink will disguise darkness. This, too, will make your entire eye area look brighter, which opens your eyes. 

Groom your eyebrows. The importance of nicely shaped eyebrows should not be underestimated when it comes to your overall appearance. Furthermore, trimmed and shaped eyebrows can open up your eyes.  Not only do they make the eyes look bigger but arched eyebrows give a lift to the entire face, which is crucial when you are a woman of a certain age and the skin is starting to sag.   

Select an eyebrow pencil that is close to your natural hair color or maybe a little darker.  If the shade is too dark it will look artificial and age you. Fill in the sparse areas in your eyebrows using the pencil. Experiment with various shades and see which one looks best. Some women opt two utilize two different shades, combining and blending them into the eyebrow.

To make your eyes appear bigger, there needs to be some space between your eyes and eyebrows, which can be achieved by plucking the area of the brow that is closest to your eye. Do not get carried away and pluck too much because an eyebrow that is too thin is not becoming. Try to achieve an arch like effect with your brows. When eyebrows are too thick they can make your eyes look smaller. Thinner eyebrows (but not too thin) will open up your eyes and make them appear larger.

If your eyes are close set plucking the space between your two brows, above the nose, will make your eyes appear farther apart.    

Use a short, stiff eyebrow brush to comb your eyebrows slightly upward, which will also make your eyes appear bigger.

Eyeliner is a wonderful invention but if used incorrectly it can make your eyes look smaller. Again, you may need to experiment. Lining your eyes on the top and the bottom and all the way from the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner can make your eyes look smaller and be too harsh of an effect.  If this is the outcome, do not line the entire lid. Start midway and draw the line to the outer edge of the eye. Rather than using a dark, intense liner use one that is more of a crayon consistency instead of liquid.  This results in a softer look.

You can choose to extend the line farther than the outer edge of the eye into a cat eye effect, which can increase the size of your eyes. Experiment with different kinds of liner to see which type and color works best on you. If black is too harsh and makes your eyes look smaller switch to brown or gray.

Put some white liner on the inside rim of your eyelids. You may or may not like this look but many women believe that it makes their eyes look bigger because it makes the whites of your eyes seem larger. Put a dab of matte white eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes. This will brighten the appearance of your eyes. Lighter colors make the eye bigger while dark colors recede and do just the opposite.

If you want your eyes to look wider in addition to bigger you need to emphasize the outer corner of your eye, which you can do with eye shadow.

Curl your eyelashes. This opens up your eyes. Apply mascara, which is another remarkable invention when it comes to beauty. Mascara opens up the eye and frames your eyes.  

Creating the impression of bigger eyes may take some trial and error on your part but make-up is a miraculous thing because it can create illusions that will make the wearer happy and which please the eyes of those looking at her.

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