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Ways to wear your hair up

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ponytail under hoodie
An easy updo combines a quick ponytail and hoodie or hat!
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There are numerous ways to wear your hair up and look fashionable

Sarah Palin could give a class in ways to wear your hair up. She is the quintessential "hair-wearer-upper." She looks good and so does her hair -- in her now famous up-do. You don’t have to agree with her politically, but you have to hand it to her for maintaining exceptionally good looks and hanging on to her shoulder length hair even though she is in her mid forties. Obviously, she did not capitulate and cut off her locks when she reached a “certain age.”

Like many people who are often under media scrutiny, Sarah's up-do looks just fine under the stylish hoodies and floppy hats that are often pulled on for a quick run to the store or through the airport. This is the big advantage of knowing how to wear your hair up with style: it always gives you a fashionable and trendy option! Pull your hair into a quick ponytail, toss on a hoodie and go.


There are many ways to wear your hair up

If you are a novice when it comes to wearing your hair up it won’t take you long to learn how to get the hang of it. Dash out and buy some hair accessories that you can use to hold your up do in place. Get ponytail ties and bobby pins. You might even toss in a Scrunchie or two.


How you wear your hair in an up-do is going to depend on the type of hair you have, the length of it, your facial structure and what hairstyle looks best on you and the occasion. 

A French roll is classic up-do. Grab your hank of hair and twist it in one direction. As you are coiling your hair, pull upward on the hair. When you are at the end of the hair, use a pretty clasp or barrette or to secure it in place. You can tuck the end of the coiled hair into the coiled roll. This is an elegant hair style and is ideal for weddings or upscale occasions but there’s no saying that you can’t wear your hair this way to work, or anytime you want to.


Gwen Stefani does a high up do which is an exaggerated version of the French roll. Pull your hair up over your head and start the French roll coil from this position rather than from the nape of your neck. The coil will move forward and end up at the front of your head. It will actually look like a tunnel because you will be able to see a hole in the center of the coil. This might not be the up do of choice for everyone because it’s a bit edgy but Gwen pulls it off with elan.


Giuliana Rancic and Kim Kardashian have re-popularized the pony tail from the 1950s, which is an enduring way to wear your hair up. Both frequently wear their hair in this fashion, and it looks fresh and casual yet works on the red carpet. This is a hair style that both curly tops and straight haired gals can wear.


The pony tail can be situated low on your head in the back, or it can be up high on your head, reminiscent of Pebbles Flintstone and Chrissie of the old TV show Three’s Company, better known as Suzanne Somers. Of course “Chrissie’s” ponytail was usually placed on one side of her head or the other rather than in the middle of the back of her head, which emphasized her quirkiness.


An up do can be severe and pulled back tightly and close to the head, or it can be a mass of ringlets. Try the Gibson Girl hairstyle, which became popular during the late 19th- and early 20th century and epitomized the women of that era. Pile your hair on top of your head and secure it. Let it cascade however it wishes. This is an unkempt but beautiful look. If your hair is curly, all the better because the outcome is even more sexy. 



Knock em Dead Holiday Hair
Gwen Stefani's Hair Updo up dos for all occasions

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