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Wedges with pants and jeans are trendy

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A solid wedge looks stylish with jeans
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Wearing wedges with pants and jeans creates a fashionable and versatile look

This is "Wedges 101." Before choosing fashionable wedges for jeans and pants, let us talk shoes: On a wedge shoe, the heel runs from the back of the shoe to the middle or the front of a shoe, unlike all others shoes where the heel of the shoe is under the heel of the wearer's foot only. A wedge shoe is actually wedge shaped and can range in height from very high to relatively low to the ground. It is actually the length and shape of the heel that gives the "wedge" its name and its distinctive look.

Wedges are not the same as platform shoes unless the sole of the shoe -- the part of the shoe that is under the toe and the ball of the foot -- is raised by way of a thickened bottom. In a wedge shoe, the sole of the shoe elevates the upper portion of the foot but not to the extent that a platform shoe does.

Wedges give the wearer more support and stability than a high heel because she is not balancing on a small heel. When wearing a wedge, body weight is distributed primarily on the toes and the balls of your foot. The higher the wedge, the more weight that is carried on the front of the foot. Most women find wedges infinitely more comfortable than stilettos. 

Wedges with Pants

Wedges look particularly stylish when paired with jeans and shorts. Slip into jeans or khakis with a sneaker wedge for a fun, casual look.

Wide-legged pants tend to shorten the legs visually. Wedges counteract the effects of wide-legged pants by elongating your leg.   

Wear wedges with a pair of tattered jeans for a super boho look

Dress up jeans with embellished or chic leather wedges, which creates an edgy and sophisticated attitude when wearing wedges with pants. 

CautionIf you wear your wedges with tight legged pants there is the risk of making your feet look heavy and clunky. You know, here comes Big Foot. The fashion police look poorly on wedges worn with pencil pants or skinny pants. If you want to stay on the right side of the fashion police, cease and desist. 

Considerations When Wearing Wedges With Pants

Combining wedge sandals with cropped pants is a good look, but remember that the wedge heels are quite bulky so the top of the shoe should be somewhat open, showing skin, to balance the shoe with the pants. A solid top wedge would be too heavy with cropped pants, which are light. Wedges can look very good with Capri pants but make sure that they complement and do not compete with your pants. 

The Advantages of Wearing Wedges With Pants 

Wedges will give you height if that is something you are aiming. Wedges also add shape and definition if you have thick ankles, making your ankles look thinner.

On the flip side, if you have really skinny ankles, wedge heels are going to make them look even skinnier. Keep in mind if you are wearing the wrong type of clothing, wedges can come across as clunky rather than fashionable.

If you have heavy legs you can still wear wedges with pants, but wear a color that is close to the color of your skin and avoid the ankle strap because it will cut the leg, visually, in two parts. When that occurs your legs are not lengthened but shortened.

Wedges look great with capris and pants but forget the wedges if you are wearing really tight capris or pants because, visually, you will look disproportionate. Your feet will look way too heavy. A wedge does add visual weight to your feet so keep this in mind when pairing them with an outfit.

Wedges look best with short skirts, flowing skirts, bohemian fashion, shorts, gauchos, wide or flared pants or jeans, wrap dresses and thin gauzy fabrics and not so great when matched with straight or narrow legged pants or pencil skirts.


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