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What health care professionals wear to work

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The characters on the TV show Scrubs have their own style
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What health care professionals wear to work covers a lot of ground

There are certainly a lot more options nowadays regarding what health care professionals can wear to work. Gone are the days when nurses dressed in white uniforms, white caps, white hose and clunky white shoes. In the past, health care clothing was quite limited but that is not the case anymore.

The term scrubs, used to describe hospital wear, may seem incongruous with the concept of fashion but there are now very good looking scrubs and accessories available to health care professionals.

When in a hospital or other medical setting, the outfit that an employee wears helps identify what her job is. It may be that the department that you work in insists on its employees wearing a certain color. For example, nurses in the maternity ward may wear turquoise while those who work in surgery wear pink. That decision, of course, is made by the management team.

Wearing scrubs allows health professional to protect themselves against contamination and infection. Scrubs are comfortable and provide lots of pockets for those items that you need access to quickly. Scrubs are also easy to wash and can undergo disinfecting procedures and numerous washing without falling apart. Additionally, they can be very attractive, which is always good. Health care professionals want to look their best at work as do all professionals.

When buying scrub pants, you can choose from a cargo style, boxer waist, urban drawstring and notched waist pants. These options allow you to find something that fits well, feels good and makes you look good. You are not limited to one style that does not work for you but which you are forced to wear because there is no alternative. Even though health care professionals may be restricted to a certain extent, regarding what they can wear there are still options that allow you to personalize your uniform.  

Scrubs come in an assortment of patterns, colors and designs. If you work with children, they will get a kick out of Mickey the Mouse or Winnie the Pooh patterned scrubs.

Celebrate the holidays by wearing scrubs that feature spooky goblins for Halloween or Santa Claus at Christmas. Your patients will very much enjoy and appreciate your sense of humor and acknowledgment of the holidays. It brings the outside world into the medical setting, where your patients are confined and feeling as though they are missing out on the fun.

When it is cold outside or inside (since hospitals are notorious for being freezing cold) choose a long-sleeved knit scrub top that you can wear under your scrubs or by itself.  

Another option is wearing a long-sleeved cotton print jacket either over the scrubs or your t-shirt. These jackets come in a variety of styles, colors and designs.  


Lab workers generally wear white lab clothes. One might think that this is a fairly limiting option but there are choices, including a variety of lab jackets such as an empire waist style coat and double breasted lab coats. Additionally, you have a choice in the length of your lab coat.

If you are intent on going green, choose environmentally friendly eco-microbial scrubs.

Health care professionals frequently opt to wear clogs on their feet, particularly those clogs that are designed for this profession, because they are durable, comfortable, flexible and allow ventilation and absorb shock. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals walk a lot, and the right shoe can accommodate the rigors of this profession.

The shoes that the health professional chooses must be suitable for the environment, prevent slippage on wet surfaces and provide support and comfort for legs and feet that can get very weary after a 12-hour shift.

Some health care professionals prefer sneakers. Whatever your choice, make sure that you are purchasing a quality shoe that fits and will not destroy your feet and back. You need a shoe that has rubber sole and a wider toe box, as well as footwear that is supple and slip resistant.


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