Choosing a movable kitchen island

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movable kitchen island
This kitchen island is on wheels and can be moved wherever you want
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Is your kitchen too small for a permanent island? If so, buy a movable island.

One of the elements most in demand when outfitting your kitchen is a movable kitchen island. A kitchen island creates a work surface and also establishes something of a barrier that defines the work space from the area where your family and friends can congregate while you are cutting, chopping and peeling. Choosing a movable kitchen island needs to take a number of factors into considerion.

Both stationary and moveable kitchen islands are beautiful architectural elements and enhance the look of your kitchen as well as the functionality and practicality of the kitchen.

However, you may find that a movable kitchen island better suits your needs and your kitchen area than a permanent one. Once an island is installed it is going to stay put unless you go through the expense and effort of having it uninstalled and removed or relocated to a better position in your kitchen.

A kitchen island can be a dream come true or a nightmare if your kitchen is too small too accommodate it. When a kitchen is well designed and organized and has a workable traffic pattern, your life is going to be much easier; however, if you install a kitchen island smack dab in the middle of a kitchen that is not spacious to begin with this can create a bottleneck and make you regret the day you installed it.

The advantages of a kitchen island are numerous. The island provides you with more work space and counter space. The island can be used when you serve meals buffet style. However, you must first and foremost consider the kitchen space that you have to work with. A large, installed kitchen island may not be realistic.

You need to contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of installing a permanent kitchen island versus choosing a movable kitchen island that can be rolled out of your way when necessary.

A movable kitchen island, which is set on wheels, offers versatility. You can roll your kitchen island into another room if necessary. Most movable kitchen islands are equipped with heavy duty locking caster wheels that keep it securely positioned.

A movable kitchen island is going to cost you much less than installing a permanent island. If you decide that you do not like the movable island in the center of your kitchen, you can easily move it elsewhere. The mobility of the island allows you to experiment and see what works best for you.

Movable kitchen islands do double duty as a work surface, a serving table or a place to display your dishes. If you need an island with a heat resistant surface, purchase one that is made of stainless steel or that has a granite top. Buy a movable island that includes storage so you can stash items out of sight. Some movable islands feature shelves, where you can put your utensils and cook books. Consider buying a movable kitchen island with a drop leaf so you can expand it when you need to and then tuck away the leaf when it is no longer required.

One of the greatest advantages of a mobile kitchen island is that you can utilize unused or under used spaces. The movable island can be the focus of your kitchen if you have placed it front and center or you can roll if off to an inconspicuous spot in the kitchen if it is not needed or is in the way.

If you definitely want a kitchen island but are leery of committing to a permanent one because of space limitations, go with a movable kitchen island. It will cost you less, afford you with more versatility yet you will still be able to find the color, style and design that serves your purposes, meshes with the design of your kitchen and which is the most aesthetically appealing to you.

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