How to sew a button

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When your button falls off, loosens, or begins to look sloppy, you need to learn how to sew a button.
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Sew your buttons with these quick steps

You made need to sew a button for several reasons; most likely, a button has loosened or come off a piece of your clothing, and you want to remedy the problem. But you realize that you don't know how to sew a button because you've never done it before. Don't worry if you don't know how to sew a button; the task should only take a few minutes.


Choosing the Thread


In learning how to sew a button, you'll find most of the steps are preparation for the actually sewing. In most cases, you'll want to choose a color of thread closest to the color of your fabric or button. You can use thread straight off a spool or from prewound plastic bobbins, if someone in your house owns a sewing machine.


Threading the Needle


Snip off a length of thread and poke one end through the eye of the needle. A freshly cut end should not cause problems, but if it does, try wetting the end in your mouth or switching to a needle with a larger eye. After you push the tip of the thread through the eye, grab it and pull it through a short length.


Knotting the Thread


The best way to knot your thread is to wrap it clockwise once around your index finger. Then grasp the crossed threads between your index finger and thumb. Roll these threads between your finger and thumb away from you until the short end pops through the loop. Tighten your knot.


Positioning the Button


For the garment to look right, you must sew a button as close to the correct position as you can. If you can no longer see where the button was, fasten the buttons on either side of the missing one. Line up the button you will sew with its appropriate buttonhole. Hold it there with your finger or mark the position with a pin or needle while you unfasten the buttons on either side.


Sewing the Button


Now all you must do is sew the button in its correct position. If yours is a shank button (with one loop on the backside to secure the button to the fabric), you will pull the needle through from the back to the front of the fabric. To sew a button of this type, pass the needle through the shank and back down through the fabric on the other side of the button. Repeat several times until the button seems secure.


Sew-through buttons usually contain either two or four holes. You sew a button of this type in a similar manner, except the thread shows on top.


For four-hole buttons, imitate the pattern used on the garment's other buttons—either an X shape (diagonal threads) or an = shape (parallel threads).


Knotting Off Your Thread


After you sew a button, you must finish properly to keep it secure. Push the needle to the back; then turn the fabric over so you can see what you're doing. Pick up a small stitch of the fabric on your needle. Pull the thread through until a small loop remains. Pass your needle two or three times through this loop. Then pull the thread until the knot tightens against the fabric. Cut your thread.



Video: How to Sew A Button

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