Free applique patterns of animals

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Gather your sewing supplies for some fun animal applique projects
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Seven sources for designs and free applique patterns

You can use free applique patterns of animals to spruce up plain items you buy, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, bibs, receiving blankets, and placemats. If you have more time, you can also use these patterns on items you've sewn, crocheted, or knitted yourself.


FatCat Patterns


The online store FatCat Patterns offers several free animal applique patterns. You'll find a pug face and a couple dinosaurs (all 12 1/2-inch blocks). The "Gumball Machines" group of free applique patterns isn't strictly animals, but it does contain butterflies, frogs, ladybugs, and some other critters. If you like FatCat's style, you may also want to check out the for-sale patterns, which cover teddy bears, cats, dogs, penguins, and a variety of other animals.


Wee Folk Art


On Wee Folk Art, you will find a variety of free designs. The animal applique patterns include several songbirds, owl, turkey, lightning bug, grasshopper, robin, butterfly, snakes, and cats. You'll see the pictures at the top, and then you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the links to the patterns themselves. If you want to browse project ideas, check the "Patterns" section of the site.


The free applique patterns of animals are mixed in with for-sale patterns. For no money, you can access a ladybug, rooster, sock monkey, abstract penguin, cat, pony, abstract giraffe, dragonfly, hummingbird, and a couple dogs. For a "donation," you can access a cat mask or a shark on


Make Your Own Baby Stuff


If you want to craft for a little one, check out Make Your Own Baby Stuff. In addition to several free animal applique patterns (seal, whale, deer, bird, and bunny), the site offers a sizeable collection of sewing patterns for baby clothing, accessories, maternity clothing, toys, and other baby- and toddler-related items.


The Applique Society


The Applique Society offers three animal applique patterns: a swan, a Christmas dove, and a bunny. The swan and dove are a little more lifelike, while "Mr. Bunny" is more whimsical, standing on his hind legs with a grin on his face and a pot of flowers in his paws.


Ammee's Free Patterns


The "Wiggly Pig" pattern could work in a setting you already have in mind, but the site also offers instructions on making a bib. If you're looking for a special baby project, this might fit the bill.


AOK Corral

AOK Corral is not dedicated to applique, but you will find on the site a "Winter Bear" with his boots, skis, scarf, and snow-topped evergreens.

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