Quilting fabric shops can inspire projects

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Inspiration for quilting projects may start with color combinations, nature, others' art, or new techniques
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Quilting fabric shops offer several opportunities for new project ideas

You can find inspiration for quilting projects in a lot of different places. Some people get ideas from looking at the art other quilters have produced. Others design quilts based on animals and plants they see in nature. Quilting fabric shops are often considered as places to buy supplies, but they can also supply project inspiration.

Comparing Colors and Patterns

Sometimes you don't see potential in a certain color or fabric pattern until you see it combined with others. Browsing supplies at quilting fabric shops allows you to place different materials next to each other and evaluate the outcome. Sometimes inspiration strikes when you see a combination that looks irresistible to you.

Admiring Samples

Quilting fabric shops are project inspiration in another way, too. Depending on who owns the shop, you may see completed projects displayed from supplies the shop keeps in stock. Admiring what other people have done is a source of inspiration for many crafters. Even samples you don't like can sometimes spur an idea of your own.

Brainstorming with Associates

Sales associates are often helpful, especially in locally owned quilting fabric shops. If you have some idea what type of project you want to begin, an associate may be able to help you come up with other ideas or choose supplies.

Trying New Techniques

Local quilting fabric shops also usually offer a variety of groups and classes. If you thrive on instruction when you’re learning new techniques, you may want to try out a class offered by your shop. Learning new skills sometimes opens the door for new ideas you never before considered. Plus, you may gain one-on-one input from instructors or other students, and this feedback may also spark a new idea.

Browsing Pattern Books and Magazines

Sometimes you may really like a pattern and follow it exactly. Other times, a pattern can serve as a starting place for your customized project. Either way, you may find inspiration by browsing the pattern selection in quilting fabric shops. Specialty fabric shops often carry a larger selection of patterns than general craft stores which stock supplies for multiple crafts.

Finding Local Patterns

Locally owned quilting fabric shops are more likely to carry patterns designed by local people. Sometimes national magazines and big craft publishers aren't open to unknown designers or projects that fall outside certain parameters. Local designers may be free to try things you have not encountered, and their experiments may spark your inspiration and creativity.

Taking Your Time

So you can see there are many ways quilting fabric shops can provide inspiration for your future projects. Try to visit when you’re not in a rush because ideas are more likely to strike when you have time to browse, talk, and think. When you're pressed to get somewhere else soon, you may hamper inspiration from striking.

Other Sources of Inspiration

For other sources of inspiration, check out Blisstree's tips for quilt inspiration and design.

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