What are summer crafts for kids?

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You'll need more than crayons, but many of these summer crafts rely on common household items
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Stave off boredom with summer crafts for kids

Summer crafts for kids may celebrate summer holidays, incorporate summer themes, or just provide something to keep children busy during their break from school. You will find all kinds of project instructions and ideas on the Internet. Other sources include children's craft books, parenting magazines, homeschool publications, and (depending on where you live) sometimes programs organized by local institutions, such as libraries, churches, schools, colleges, or craft guilds.

Summer Crafts for Kids and Holidays

Holidays provide not only opportunities for fun and extra family time but also for learning. In the United States, several summer holidays are patriotic.

Flag Day, which falls on June 14, celebrates the history of the American flag. Independence Day, or July 4, is the national holiday that commemorates the country's founding with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Labor Day, always slated for the first Monday in September, honors the contributions of American workers. Here are some sources of patriotic summer crafts for kids:

Other summer holidays, such as Father's Day and Grandparent's Day, celebrate the special roles different family members play. For these holidays, summer crafts for kids could either teach about the history of the holiday or the importance of the family member or produce a gift for the honored family member.

Finally, you can focus on worldwide holidays if you want to broaden your children's cultural understanding. Summer crafts for kids are fun ways to incorporate learning into the day, even when the kids aren't attending school.

Themes for Summer Crafts for Kids

You can easily turn up hundreds of results in an Internet search for children's crafts if you know what to look for. If you're hoping for some general fun activities that relate to the summer months, the following themes may work well:

  • Suns

  • Beaches
  • Summer fruits and vegetables
  • Ice cream
  • Camping
  • Sandals

More Links to Summer Crafts for Kids

For other ideas of general summer crafts for kids, check out these sources. Some of these crafts will keep the kids busy for an afternoon, and some perhaps long beyond:

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