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Your budding prima ballerina would love this wallpaper border in her bedroom
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Decorating with wallpaper borders is fun, even for non-do-it-yourself-ers

Not everyone is a capable do-it-yourself-er, who can wallpaper rooms in a single bound, without blinking an eye or breaking a sweat. However, even those of you who can barely distinguish a screwdriver from a hammer can install wallpaper border.

Decorating with wallpaper borders is a relatively easy task, even for the DIY-challenged. It is also affordable and can make all the difference in the appearance of your room.

You do not have to wallpaper an entire room or buy new furniture and carpeting to get a dramatically new or different look: You can achieve this by decorating with wallpaper borders, which is one of those finishing touches that will draw the eye upward or wherever you want the visual focus to be.

A wonderful effect is to border around the perimeter of the ceiling. Ceilings are frequently ignored but should not be. Decorators refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall. It is another expanse that can be decorated, just like the walls and floors.

When you place border on the ceiling around the circumference you are creating an effect which holds the entire room together. People will stare at your ceiling and ooh and aah in admiration. This is such a pretty look and an unexpected delight.

Borders can be used around the circumference of your walls where the wall connects with the ceiling or at chair rail height. You can also put a wallpaper border around a mirror or a doorway or picture or in an area or around an object that you want to highlight or call attention to. Placing border above the lower woodwork in a room is also an option. Let your imagination be your guide and do what pleases you.

Wallpaper borders come in geometric designs, florals, stripes, cartoons characters for kids, animal shapes, contemporary and vintage styles and in virtually every color and color combination imaginable.

Wallpaper usually has a wallpaper border coordinate from which to choose, which makes it easy for you to mix and match. For example, a floral, cabbage rose type of wallpaper would look great coupled with a striped border in complementary hues. This would be ideal for a cottage style interior.

Of course, you can use wallpaper border on a painted wall as well. A dining room that is painted forest green would mesh well with a floral border, resulting in a sophisticated look or, for a more masculine feel, stripes or geometric patterns would work well.

Your choice of wallpaper border will depend on the design and style of the interior of your home and whether you are traditional, contemporary, shabby chic, modernistic, eclectic, cottage style or Victorian.

The color will also depend on your personal preference. A wallpaper border can be bright and bold or subdued. It can be busy or plain.

If your room already features crown molding, adding wallpaper border just beneath the molding or on the ceiling above the molding will further give emphasis to the beauty of the molding.

Consider using a die-cut border, which has scalloped or sculptured edge detailing. This produces a very interesting effect where the border bottom meets up with the wall. Combine two borders, one wide and one thin. This is called double bordering. You can create your own custom border by mixing and matching designs and widths and placing them adjacent to one another.

The devil is in the detail. If you want to transform your sort-of-okay room into a space that is memorable as well as inviting you can achieve this by adding a wallpaper border, which can interject that special something that turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary one.

Wallpaper border can be used in virtually every room. The sky is the limit. And, yes, you non do-it-yourself-ers are capable of installing wallpaper border because it is not a difficult process or a complex one.


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