How to hang a picture on the wall

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hanging up pictures
Complete the look of your home by hanging up pictures on the wall
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Knowing how to hang a picture on the wall adds style and color to your home

Hanging a picture on a wall seems like an easy thing to do. But perhaps the easiest aspect of the whole project is allowing things to go wrong.

You’ve probably seen it: crooked pictures and paintings hung in awkward areas and heights. To ensure your home looks as stylish as possible, you’ll need to know how to hang a picture on the wall properly.

Fortunately, with a little work, it can be done.

To keep your pictures looking even in your home, hang them at eye level. Look at the wall, then mark the area. Measure the distance from the mark to the bottom of the floor, or pick a measurement to use. For instance, you could use 60 inches from the floor as a reference point for all of the pictures.

Then, insert a nail so that the center of the fabulous picture or painting is at the mark, not the top or bottom of the frame. Hanging the picture so that the frame is at the mark typically results in a sloppy-looking appearance.

Although pictures hung by themselves looks nice, sometimes placing them among other pictures looks even better. The trick is to hang them properly. Choose one picture to use as your centerpiece and place that picture at eye level, then move outward with your other pictures. Use smaller pictures to separate those that are the same size. Alternate between light and dark pictures, as well small and large, as you work towards the outside. 

One of the biggest concerns when hanging pictures is damaging the picture and wall. Using a picture hook is one of your best options when hanging pictures, because they pose little threat to hurting the wall or your pictures.

Press the picture hook against the mark in the wall and gently tap it with the hanger.  Then push the hook into the wall until it stops, then hang the picture from the hook. If you want to move the picture, pull the hook out and use wall putty to cover the hole.

If your picture is rather heavy, use a wood screw to mount it to the wall. Insert the screw into the wall stud so that it won’t fall off of the wall. You could also use a wall hanger for the picture. To use it, screw a hole into the wall that is the same size as the hanger cylinder. Insert the cylinder into the wall and tighten the bolt so that it compresses. Pull the bolt out about halfway, then hang the picture.

Hanging pictures in your home is the perfect way to add style and comfort. Knowing how to hang a picture on the wall can add color and texture to the environment. And when you do it correctly, your home looks all the better.


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