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How to be a good supervisor

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Becoming a good supervisor is all about treating others with respect
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Know how to be a good supervisor with honesty, trustworthiness and personality

Congratulations Ė you just became supervisor. Now what? Do you sit back behind your desk and start bossing people around? Or do you actually want to make a difference and show the higher-ups that you deserve this job? Unfortunately, if takes more than a smile and a few words of encouragement to make it as a successful supervisor. However, with the rights tools and mindset, you can become the type of leader you want.

Those who were recently promoted to this position often wonder how to become a good supervisor. Itís not some switch you can simply flip on in our brain. Becoming a good supervisor is a process that takes self-awareness, self-reflection and a bit of self-control. Once you understand the principles and can implement them into your life, youíll likely become a good supervisor in no time.

Look the Part

You canít pull off being a good supervisor when you donít look or act like a leader. The first aspect youíll need to take care of is your appearance.

Looking neat and tidy and wearing clothes that are appropriate for your position are essential. Unless you are given a uniform, you can slip into your finest clothing. If youíre a man, go ahead and put on that nice-looking suit. Women should wear suits or skirts that make them look fashionable, but that are also suitable for the office. And always come to work showered and looking fresh and clean. Your co-workers wonít respect a person who looks like he or she doesnít care.

Get the Right Attitude

Talking about people and complaining about your boss is a no-no now that youíre a supervisor. You have to lead by example and show your co-workers the correct way to act. Behave the way you would want your own supervisor to and youíll likely have the correct attitude.

Mold Your Personality

Perhaps the most important rule when youíre supervisor is to not think too highly of yourself. Yes, you deserve to be in this position; however, you canít act like everyone else is beneath you.

Staying attainable to those around you and caring about their concerns helps them to respect you and follow your commands. Additionally, now that youíre boss, thereís no more playing around. If youíre a loudmouth, you need to quiet yourself a bit. Contrarily, if youíre timid, youíll need to become more outgoing.

And forget being harsh and stern; a supervisor who cares about his or her employees and takes their needs into consideration is often the most successful.

Set the Right Example

Perhaps the most important trait of a supervisor is trustworthiness. Your higher-ups need to trust youíll follow their plans and lead your team. Your employees need to trust that youíll look out for whatís best for them. Display how trustworthy you are by following through on all of your promises. And also be ethical and honest. Youíre sure to go further and make more people happy when you are a supervisor who is honest and trustworthy.

Now that you know how to be a good supervisor, you can go ahead and lead your team. By following these tips, youíre sure to become successful and have employees that respect and look up to you.


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