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Reasons to have your employees wear uniforms

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Uniforms project a perception of professionalism
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Outfitting your employees in uniforms can be a boon to your business

Employers are opting to clothe their employees in uniforms for a variety of reasons. Perception and image is vitally important in the business world. If your employees are dressed alike, in a readily identifiable uniform, the perception is one of professionalism, organization, reliability and consistency. 

An interesting fact that reveals the benefit of why employees wear uniforms is that gardeners and landscapers who wear work uniforms tend to get paid more per hour than their competitors who are not wearing company uniforms. When a company opts for its employees to wear a uniform, the uniform is considered "corporate clothing."

Wearing a uniform while working is becoming the rule rather than the exception. In excess of 32 million Americans wear a uniform to work. Work uniforms are valuable because they identify workers as belonging to the same organization, can protect employees in the workplace and can foster team spirit.

A good reason for dressing your employees in a uniform that sports a visible logo and the name of the employee as well as the name of the company is that it tells the customer who the employee is and who he is working for.

If you look like you know what you are doing -- which is the perception that a uniform imparts -- you will garner more respect and more business. First impressions can mean a lot in the business world, which is the primary reason why employees wear uniforms.

There are several reasons why an employer may want to opt for uniforms, including providing consistency among the staff so that the staff looks like a cohesive unit. The uniform that you select for your staff should accurately reflect your brand and your company, as well as the corporate identify. A uniform should be practical so that the employee has ease of movement, can reach, bend and tend to customer needs. Pockets and tabs are important to consider.

The uniforms you select should be comfortable, attractive and easy to launder as well as durable, practical and long-lasting. Your staff may greatly appreciate the introduction of uniforms into the workplace. This eliminates the daily hassle of figuring out what to wear and it will also save them money because they no longer have to buy work clothes.

The color of the uniforms that you choose should be very visible and easily identifiable as should be the logo. Another reason to opt for colorful and noticeable employee uniforms is that a colorful uniform can actually make customers or patients happy. When nurses wear scrubs that sport a familiar pattern or beautiful colors, patients respond to that. Children perceive nurses who are wearing colorful and patterned scrubs as friendlier and less scary. Hospitals often require different uniforms or scrubs for different departments. This makes it easier for someone to identify a maternity ward nurse from an ER nurse.

If your business routinely interacts with customers and other businesses you may discover that another reason for why employees wear uniforms is that they are a good way to promote your company brand as well as enhance your professional image and this is a great incentive for having your employees decked out in uniforms.

The type of uniform you choose for your employees depends on the type of business you are in. An upscale company may opt for a more formal looking uniform whereas a company that sells beach items would go for a casual looking uniform. Dress for your clientele.

Implementing a corporate wardrobe, or uniform, is believed to build productivity within a company as well as team spirit. A uniform allows authorized company personnel, such as security guards, to be quickly and readily identified. The image of the company is improved when its staff appears to be clean, professional and unified.

Requiring your employees to wear uniforms eliminates fashion competition and inappropriate garb. That is one less thing that your human resources department will have to deal with.

If all of your employees are wearing a uniform, including the brass, this promotes a feeling of equality, which is good for employee self esteem. This is a bottom-line reason why employees wear uniforms: content employees have higher productivity rates and greater job satisfaction. A uniform can make an employee feel as though he truly belongs to an organization, which is important.


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