Secure mail box to secure your business mail

By Nigel Gray
Info Guru,

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Custom mailboxes add asthetic value to your home as well
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A mail box secure enough to keep your secrets safe

My neighbor has been stealing my mail. I haven't received a copy of my prized National Geographic in seven months, not to mention my favorite mail order catalogs, and I'm on to him. At first I said "Hey now, wait a minute Mr. Postman" but then I realized my creepy neighbor has been nosing around my front yard since he moved in, walking his pesky Pomeranian, swiping my newspaper, and now he's moved on to my snail mail. 

I'm pretty sure he's been watching my Netflix too. Mail theft is a federal offense that carries a two-year minimum mandatory prison term. This guy's going down.

In the meantime, I can protect what's rightfully mine with a new mailbox. Copper mailboxes are rather dignified, making my house look like the most important residence on the block. Inspired by steamer trunks and chests of the good old days, the one I found is super secure mail boxes feature handcrafted brass detailing, a handsome etched copper finish, brass mounting hardware for easy installation and a cute little flag that gets raised whenever I've got a letter waiting. Most importantly, it keeps all of my postal valuables safe and protected under lock and key.

Smile, you're on camera!

Still not sure your mail is safe?  You can always add a security camera, so you can capture old Sticky Fingers in the act. Today's easy to mount, easy to install security cameras are small enough to stay out of sight, but powerful enough to send a video stream in real time. That means you can stay up on what's happening with your mail even when you're at work or on vacation. 

Thanks to a new sturdy mail box and my new security cameras, my mail will never be tampered with again, and until the FEDS capture Mr. Sticky Fingers, I'm using his mailbox as a trash can.

DID YOU KNOW? "Going postal" is an American English slang term, used as a verb meaning to suddenly become uncontrollably angry, possibly to the point of violence - derived from a series of incidents where US Postal Service workers shot and killed managers, fellow workers, officers, etc. A similar term refers to professional bread makers who lose control - "Going toastal".

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