What to get someone who has everything

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Gift Ideas
Meaningful gifts show someone that you care.
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Try a few of these gift ideas to give to someone who already has everything

Most people have someone in their lives that appear to have everything they may ever want or need in life. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to shop for gifts or presents during special occasions or holidays.

Common gift ideas such as clothing, books and music may seem to be poor gifting choices for the person who has a closet full of the latest fashions or a shelf full of best-selling books. Technology such as computers, ipods, iphones and ipads make it increasingly likely that a friend or a co-worker already has the latest app to download games, books and music.

However, don't be discouraged into thinking you will not be able to give a special gift or item that is not needed, wanted or good enough. Rather, consider the following gift ideas to determine what to get someone who has everything.

Consider the person

When gift-shopping, consider the person and what they enjoy doing in life. We tend to automatically start browsing stores searching for inspiration to make a purchase that will be unique or perfect. However, this usually ends up in wasted time with little results. Think about the person that you are giving something to prior to searching to save time and energy.

For instance, does the person like reading, art or collecting fossils? If so, then narrow down your gift ideas to these categories. If the person who has everything already has the latest books at home or on his Kindle, then consider searching for an old hard-covered copy of a book that has special meaning to them. 

Some book and pieces of art may be found that are signed or autographed by the author or artist as well. These items would hold special meaning and be unique decreasing the risk of duplicating gifts or giving something further materialistic to the person who has everything. 


A great gift idea to give to someone who has everything is a year-long subscription to a magazine or a unique monthly club. Sure we've all heard of fruit-of-the-month clubs, but how about wine-of-the-month, craft-of-the-month or dinner-of-the-month?  

Not only will this save the gifted person money over the course of a year, but it also gives them a nice surprise in the mail every month that will remind them of you. 


Friends, family or co-workers that may seem to have everything already, may also have their own family and kids to take care of. If this is the case, then providing a free service such as a babysitter for a night, a weekend or even one night a week for a month or two, is a great gift-giving idea.

This saves those people with kids from having to spend their own money on child services as well as several hours trying to locate reputable caretakers. Further beneficial services may include housekeeping services to tidy up a friend's house, a professional organizer to assist with de-cluttering or organizing a messy, full garage or even hiring a gardener to mow the lawn and trim hedges.

Charitable donation

One of the ultimate gifts to give anybody, no matter how much wealth they have, is a charitable donation on their behalf.

Donating to a charity not only helps those in need but it also makes both you, the giver, and the receiver happy and warm inside from doing good. Determine if the person you are giving to is associated with or interested in a particular cause, support group or organization. Even if they are not involved with a charity of their own, pick a cause that may be near to their heart. For instance, donating to a charity that supports cancer research may be appropriate to give as a gift to a cancer survivor or to someone who has illness in his or her family.

Although many people struggle with what to get someone who has everything, it is not impossible and can actually be enjoyable! Think outside of the box and explore who the person you are giving to is and what their interests and values are. Chances are, no matter what you give - big or small, expensive or not - they will love and appreciate it all the same.

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