The benefits of prenatal yoga

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pregnant yoga
The benefits of prenatal yoga are priceless
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Take advantage of yoga and stretches to ease the pain of pregnancy and delivery

If you can manage to stay fit during your pregnancy you are going to save yourself a whole lot of grief. A pregnant woman who has eaten right, exercised regularly and managed to maintain her flexibility and agility, is going to sail through labor and delivery a whole lot easier than someone who has not gotten up off the couch in nine months.

The benefits of prenatal yoga include the whole package, including how to vocalize when you need to and using imagery and breathing to relax and cope with labor pains.

Do not go to a regular yoga class. Go to one that is specifically geared toward pregnant women. You will meet other mothers-to-be, all decked out in attractive pregnancy exercise clothes like drawstring yoga pants, and the social aspect of the yoga class will take you a long way during the sometimes uncomfortable and patience-trying days of a pregnancy that can seem interminable at times. The benefits of prenatal yoga are ten-fold.

Practicing prenatal yoga can ease those ache and pains that some, but not all, pregnant women suffer from when their bellies get big and the uterus is putting pressure on the legs and back. Prenatal yoga will help strengthen your muscles and joints, increase your flexibility and keep you centered and emotionally healthy and prepared for what is to come.

When you stretch in your prenatal yoga class you are stretching your inner tissues that encase your muscles and promoting blood and oxygen circulation as well as stimulating your organs. Yogis learn how to breathe correctly, which in turn teaches you how to focus and concentrate, which will come in handy when you are delivering your baby. In prenatal yoga, will you will learn meditation and imagery, which will also go a long way when you are in labor and which you can use the rest of your life when you are feeling distracted, stressed or are in pain. Combining physical exercise with mental exercises, and the positive self-image generated by specialty maternity fitness clothes, results in a heightened sense of physical and emotional well being. 

Pregnant women get tired, particularly when they have other children to care for. You may not be sleeping well because your spinal alignment has been altered by the changing shape of your body. Doing yoga will result in a more flexible spine, which will help you sleep more comfortably. 

Prenatal yoga will help increase your overall strength and endurance and will help tamp down the lower back pain that you may experience in the last trimester, which includes sciatica. Your center of gravity, your body weight and the body alignment completely changes with a pregnancy. The pelvis tilts and this can cause pain. Learning to carry your body, including your new, big belly, in an integrated manner will ease lower back pain. Stretching tissues and muscles will also help eliminate pain in your hips and hamstrings.

Some women find that their ankles and wrists become inflamed and swell during pregnancy. If you do prenatal yoga regularly this should help reduce inflammation and swelling because more blood and oxygen is flowing through your body. 

Are you dying of heartburn? Prenatal yoga will help you to massage your intestinal organs, which get shoved around because of the growing baby. Doing forward folding moves and rotations should result in regular bowel movements and better digestive flow overall.

Let us get down to the nitty-gritty: When you are giving birth vaginally you need a lot of power in your vagina to shove that baby out. Do squatting postures in yoga will help tone the floor of your pelvis, strengthening, it, and you will also learn to be comfortable in a squatting position. Some women like giving birth from this position. Yoga teaches you to be familiar with your body, including and most importantly the muscles and how you can use them to your benefit.

Learning how to breathe, in and out through your nostrils, in a deep, soothing rhythmic way will allow you to find your natural rhythm, which you will need when giving birth. You can manage your pain through breathing techniques.

Yoga is ideal for teaching a person how to relax. The more relaxed you are during the birth process, the less pain you are going to experience and the faster the process will be. 

When the time comes and you are jolted by those powerful contractions that threatened to send you wailing through the hallways looking for the nearest escape hatch, put to work visual imagery techniques and meditation that you have learned in your yoga class.

In yoga class, you may chant. If you feel like chanting, instead of yelling or cursing during labor and delivery, this will probably be appreciated by all.

The benefits of prenatal yoga are so all-encompassing it is a shame that more pregnant women do not incorporate the practice of yoga into their pregnancy. Do not be one of them. Take advantage of something that will ease the pain and stress of pregnancy as well as help with the actual delivery and your well being throughout and afterward.



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