Physical fitness benefits of archery

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bull's eyes
The object is to get the arrow in the center of the target
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The physical fitness benefits of archery extend to improving your concentration

You may not end up being the second coming of William Tell, but learning how to handle a bow and arrow will garner you the physical fitness benefits of archery.

Archery is ideal for giving your upper body a workout. It improves upper body strength as well as coordination and balance, which is important. If your balance and coordination are good you are less likely to trip over your own feet, colliding with the floor and breaking a bone in the process.

The physical benefits of archery include increasing flexibility in your hands and fingers and developing your arm strength. In addition, hand-eye coordination improves, as does mental concentration and mental strength. A successful archer must know how to free his mind from distractions and focus on his target, which makes archery both a beneficial mind exercise as well as a great form of physical exercise.

Archery requires a steady hand, a keen eye, an unflappable disposition, flexible muscles and strong shoulders.  These are traits that you can develop with time and patience.

Archery can be undertaken by those with disabilities as well as able-bodied persons. Someone who has lost the use of his legs can still compete in archery from his position in a wheelchair. The concentration on upper body muscles and ability are excellent physical fitness benefits of archery, and can be adapted to varying fitness and physical abilities.

Archery is physically demanding. When participating in archery you will notice that your back and pectoral muscles, as well as your arm muscles, will develop and become stronger. Your overall body strength will improve as will your endurance.

Archery bows come in different draw weights, so you can find one that is suited to your strength and fitness level although, with practice, you may be able to use a heavier draw weight.
Competitive archers will walk five miles during a full day event while pulling a heavy load. That is an extremely good work-out.

Before you can become successful at archery and enjoy the physical fitness benefits of archery, you must first determine which is your predominant eye, because your vision, focus and aim is very important.

The best way to make this determination is to extend both hands in front of your body. Now place your hands together, creating a small triangle area between your thumbs and the knuckles of your forefingers. Open both of your eyes, and look through the triangle. Center your eyes on something, such as a door knob or the bulls eye of an archery target. Close your right eye. If the object remains in view, you are left eye dominant. If it appears that your hands move off of the object that you are sighting and your hand moves to the left, then you are right eye dominant.

Do the test once again to double check to see if you have arrived at the correction determination. Look through the triangle space that you have created with your hands. Center the object with both eyes and then close your right eye. If the object stays in view, you are left eye dominant. If your hands appear to move off of the object and move to the right, you are right eye dominant.

Another technique in determining which eye is dominant is to make the triangle with your hands around the object. Both of your eyes are open. Slowly bring your hands toward your face while looking at the object with both eyes. When your fingers touch your face, the triangle open should be in front of your dominant eyes. This really does work. Try it. You have learned, in this process, which is your better eye, which can come in handy in the future, and not just when engaged in archery.

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