Decorate a home office in style

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Take care of business in a stylish home office
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Here are a few style tips to use to decorate your home office

Working a nine to five is no longer the norm for many people who have opted to make a living from the comfort of their homes.  

Even though your home office is a source for inspiration and motivation, it should not be boring! 

To decorate a home office in style, use your own imagination and personal taste to create an environment that is not only conducive to working, but stylish as well.   

A home office is perfect for those who: 

- telecommute

- operate a home-based business

- need a room to occasionally take care of work 

Regardless of your reason, be sure to set-up your home office in a way that is functional, flexible and allows your creative juices to flow.   

Creativity is key when decorating a home office in style.  Consider the following when decorating your home office.

1. Layout – Step back and take a good look at the room slated for your home office.  Determine where you want your desk and other essentials like the fax, printer and file cabinets.  

If you have a window, will the light create a glare on your computer screen or will the outdoors be a source of distraction while you work?  Analyze your options and set up your furniture accordingly. 


2. Furnishings – The type of office furniture you use choose to decorate a home office depends on your personal preference.  Ask yourself:

- Do you prefer to use a modern executive desk or a small, compact table to put your computer?  

- Do you feel more comfortable using a large, flat antique table as your working surface so you can spread your paperwork out with ease?  

- Or, can you economize the space in your room with a nice corner desk?


3. Color and light - The mood of your office depends on the four walls of the room.  Use paint to liven up the areas that surround you.  

- Bright, vibrant colors like yellows and greens create energy in the room.

-  Subtle tones like browns, tans and golds lead to a more relaxing work environment.  

In addition to color, the type of lighting in the room also affects the mood.  Is it dark and somber or is it bright and inviting?  In addition to lamps, it is important to have as much natural light as possible to open up your home office.      


4. Storage space and accessories – To keep your office clutter-free, opt for stylish cabinets, bookcases, files and other decor accessories to keep your paperwork neat and in place.  

Decorating your home office with style does not mean you have to give up functionality.  Use practical items you find around the house to accent your home decor

Instead of a traditional pencil holder:

- Use a flowerpot or a decorative vase to hold pens, pencils, letter openers, etc.  

Be creative:

- Use a cute candle holder to store paper clips, rubber bands and other odds and ends.  

Instead of purchasing expensive paintings:

- Frame your kids’ artwork and place them on your desk or walls.  

Ideas to decorate your home office with style are endless.   But whatever you do, keep clutter in control and keep it simple. 

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