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Turn down the thermostat and keep money in your wallet.
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Saving energy can be as easy as closing the drapes.

We live in a world that consumes energy as if there is an endless supply. Most of us live with an ample supply of energy at our disposal and we often take simple luxuries for granted. From flipping on a light switch to turning up the heat on a winter's day, electricity and natural gas are just part of our every day lives. 

However, with the onset of brownout and blackouts years ago, we became aware of just how limited our energy sources could be. With the buzz of "going green," we are now more aware of alternative energy sources such as wind and  solar power and are turning to energy saving solutions.

With solar and wind energy sources not yet readily available to everyone, there are other ways to conserve the electricity and natural gas we consume in our everyday lives now. Simple tips and hints to apply around your home will conserve energy AND keep money in your wallet. Why let hard-earned money slip out a drafty window or door when there are energy saving solutions you can put into practice. If you are really ambitious you can even install solar panels in your home that will cut energy costs drastically.

If your are looking for something simpler, listed here are simple and easy to apply tips to put into practice around your home to save energy and money. All tips are pain free and assure results. 

Energy efficient appliances:
Refrigerator - Luckily today when the old refrigerator wears out, it is replaced with an energy efficient model. Even with the new models, there are still things you can do to conserve energy. For instance, keep your freezer and refrigerator full. They run much more efficiently if they are not trying to cool or freeze empty space.  

   Oven - If possible, bake in double batches such as cookies or breads. (It's always a treat to freeze extra cookies and pull them out for a rainy day). Also, don't open the oven door while you bake. This lowers the inside temperature by as much as 25 degrees. Lastly, turn off the oven 15 minutes before your meal or baked goods are finished. Take advantage of those free minutes of heat before the oven starts to cool down!

Chilly winter months are when you see your energy dollars literally go out the window. Energy saving solutions you can put into action now will save you headaches when the weather turns cold.
    Seal and weather-strip windows. Keep Jack Frost from howling through cracks and putting a nip into the air.
    Draft blockers for doors can be anything from round polyfill tubes to fashionable characters. Place them at the bottom of doorways to keep the cold out and the heat in. 
    Ceiling fan - change the fan position to up and leave the fan on low to circulate the heat that may be trapped in the ceiling.
    Drapes - open them during the day to take advantage of the natural heat from the sun and close them at night to keep in the heat and block the cold. (In the summer, keep drapes on the sunny side of the house closed to keep out unwanted heat. This also protects carpets and upholstery from fading).
Filters - replace as often the manufacturer suggests. Your furnace has to work extra hard when the filter is dirty and plugged. 
    Thermostat - follow the tips above and you should easily be able to keep the thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees. A big money savings!

There you have it - a simple, easy to follow plan of energy saving solutions that can be implemented in your daily life. With the higher costs of energy, you can expect lower electric and natural gas bills with these suggestions. And that is always a good thing. Click on the link provided for another article on conserving energy and lowering heating costs.


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