How to paint a room

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You need paint, before you can start painting
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Here's how to paint a room for the very best finished result

Figuring out how to paint a room isn't nearly as difficult as it might seem when you approach it without any previous experience. Some people consider it so difficult that they don't want to do it themselves. Hiring professionals is certainly one way to get the job done, but not everyone is going to have the money to shell out for that kind of project. There are plenty of ways you can do this yourself and save yourself some expense in the process.

Before you start, choose your paint color. Bring home paint chips - they are free at the paint store - and carefully consider colors. In general, colors look darker on the wall.

Planning the Job

The first step in this undertaking is making sure you've planned everything out. This means you should clear the room of every bit of furniture. You should cover anything that can't be removed. Use a sheet or some towels that you won't want to use again.

You'll also want to remove anything that is sticking out from the walls, such as outlet plates. Make sure that the walls are as smooth as possible and any dents and dings have been smoothed as well. Holes should be filled in with spackle or something similar so that when you paint the holes no longer show up.

You will also want to clean the room as well as possible. This means dusting and getting rid of any mold and mildew. Dust especially can end up landing in the wet paint and forming lumps that will be rather obvious when it dries. When it comes to window panes and door frames, there are tapes that are specifically designed to protect when painting.

Don't get paint all over the windows and doors because you simply won't want it to look bad.

Using Different Brushes

There are a number of different brushes you nned in order to get the room painted well. This is when knowing how to paint comes in handy, because you must get every crack and crevice covered if you want it to look as though a professional did the job. 

Rollers are useful tools when you have large areas you want to get painted quickly. You'll need to go over the spots where you're using a roller a couple of times to make sure you have a good coat. You'll also want to make sure you move the roller in a smooth up and down motion, slowly moving from one section of the wall from another. The best way to think of this is the same way you mow a lawn. You want to have a little overlap from one "lane" of the wall to another.

For smaller areas and corners, there are brushes that will allow you to do more delicate work. This is also why you want to make sure and cover up any areas like door and window frames, as well as where the wall meets the floor. If you really are not used to painting in this kind of project, you aren't going to be exact. The overlap onto the tape will keep the project from getting too messy.

The Big Finish

Once you have gone over every nook and cranny of your room and made sure that the paint is all even and smooth, you are basically done. Make sure to not remove any protective materials such as tape or blankets and drop cloths until the paint is completely dry. You won't want to move any furniture back in until that time as well. Once the paint has dried and everything is unveiled and moved back you are officially done.

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