Tips for choosing an Amish dining set

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Amish plank table
Amish hand-painted plank table
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Picking out your Amish dining set is going to be fun!

You have decided you want an Amish made dining room set. How do you even begin to decide which style you want? Itís going to be difficult because many glorious options are available.

Tips for choosing an Amish style dining set include deciding what kind of table you desire and and what kind of seating: Chairs? A bench?

Take into consideration the space available in your dining room and, of course, the size of your family. Do you entertain large groups of people regularly? Then you need a big table or one with extra leaves (extensions) that allows the table to expand when needed.

Is there a particular hard wood that captures your fancy? Do you prefer simplistic furniture designs over ornate? 

Write down your thoughts in a notebook and take the notebook with you when you meet with the furniture builder.


Amish farmhouse tables are in big demand. They typically feature a Shaker style table top and are handcrafted of cherry or maple wood and can display a distressed look if that if your choice. This table is rectangular and lengthy.

Perhaps you would prefer a pedestal table for your dining room. This table is supported by a central column underneath. There arenít a bunch of legs,  just one, in the center. This table is usually circular or oval and can be enlarged when needed by adding leaves. Pedestal tables sit on a heavy center base rather than on four legs in the four corners of the table.

A trestle table is another option. These tables were around back in the Middle Ages. They are very sturdy and provide lots of legroom.

Leg tables come in various styles including Shaker and Mission. A leg table accommodates more leaves than other tables. When the table is longer than six feet, a fifth leg is added in the center.

What kind of legs do you want on your table? (You never knew there were so many decisions to make, did you?) There are tapered, mission, turned, cabriole, twisted, reeded, flared and vented to choose from.  


When selecting chairs for the dining room consider style, comfort, durability and customization, which the Amish craftsmen are certainly more than capable of achieving.

You may opt for side chairs, which means a seat for one person, not wholly upholstered and no arms. These chairs will be situated around the table you have chosen. 

One of the most popular chairs is the Shaker Ladder Back available in hard maple, cherry or oak. Even though the design is simple, the Shakers loved using vivid colors in their furniture so donít be surprised to see these chairs in hues of red, blues, greens, yellow and purple. 

You can choose between light or heavy distressed technique depending on your preference. It you want the chairs to appear aged this can be achieved. 

The back of Shaker Ladder Back chair features four slightly curved slat and the seat can be upholstered or molded wood.

Some opt to use a bench, constructed of hardwood, at the dining room table. These benches come in various styles and are exquisitely handcrafted. The consumer chooses the finish and hardwood that goes best with her existing home decor.


When buying a dining room table and chairs keep in mind there should be a minimum of 36 inches between the wall of the room and the table and there should be four feet between the table and the entrance into the room.

Ideally, you are able to slide the chairs under the table, leaving approximately seven inches between the apron of the table and the chair arm. This is considered vertical space. There should be two feet in between each chair to prevent people from bumping elbows while eating.

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