How to make a bed

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When you make a bed neatly, you make the whole bedroom look more orderly.
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Make a bed neatly

How to make a bed and how to make a bed neatly are two different issues. You can always slop the sheets up and throw the pillows on the bed in a hurry, but a neat bed changes the whole look of your bedroom. With just a few minutes, you can make your bedroom appear more orderly, even if you don't have time for a full-scale bedroom cleaning. Follow these steps to learn how to make a bed methodically and neatly.

How to Make a Bed: Start with Fresh Sheets

If you haven't changed your sheets in a while, you may want to grab this opportunity to start with fresh sheets. Strip all the bedclothes from the mattress and throw them into your hamper or laundry bin.

Over time, multiple washes may cause colors to fade and sheets to wear thin. If you notice too many signs of wear while you make a bed, note the fact. Loose elastic, worn corners and stains mean you need new linens. Later you can shop at a bedding store or check prices at a home goods store, for new bedding and pillows, mattress pads, quilted pillow covers, comforters and accessories like dust ruffles and pillow shams.

Before you tackle how to make a bed, understand the parts of the bed. The bed frame - which is generally wood or metal - supports the mattresses. Most mattresses come in sets which include a box spring and a mattress. The box spring sits on the slats of the bed frame. The mattress rests on top of the box spring. Linens are put on the mattress.

How to Make a Bed: Put On the Fitted Sheet

The hem of the fitted sheet contains a band of elastic all around to keep the sheet on the mattress. Starting in any corner, line up the seam of the fitted sheet with the corner edge of the mattress. Tuck the elastic edge underneath the mattress. Repeat this process on each corner of the mattress and tuck side elastic under the sides of the mattress. Smooth out of the top of the sheet if necessary.

How to Make a Bed: Clothe the Pillows

Now clothe your naked pillows in fresh pillowcases. Tuck one short end of the pillow between your chin and chest. Hold it there with your chin while you insert the other end of the pillow into the open end of the pillowcase. Then release the pillow from your chin, grasp just the edges of the pillowcase on either side, and shake the case until the pillow falls down into the other end. Place the pillows at the top of the bed.

How to Make a Bed: Tuck In the Flat Sheet

Shake the flat sheet up and down to help spread it over the bed. Let it fall to the mattress and then straighten it up. If you like the sheet at your chin, place the top edge of the sheet about at the middle of the pillows. If you prefer the sheet at your shoulders, place the top edge of the flat sheet at the bottom edge of the pillows.

Make sure each side of the sheet shows an equal overhang on each side of the mattress. This doesn't have to be perfect. Tuck in the overhanging edges at the foot and sides of the mattress.

How to Make a Bed: Tuck In the Blanket

During cooler seasons, you may use a blanket with the sheet. Position and tuck in the blanket in the same way you did the flat sheet. During warmer months, skip this step.

How to Make a Bed: Center the Comforter or Bedspread

The comforter is the most important component in tying your bedroom design and your home decor together.

Pull the comforter or bedspread on top of the sheets. Place the top edge wherever you prefer and center the sides in the same way as the flat sheet. Let the comforter hang at the foot of your bed, unless you have a footboard, in which case you would tuck the bottom of the comforter between the footboard and the mattress.

How to Make a Bed: Neatly Place Decorative Pillows or Stuffed Animals

Finish off the job by neatly positioning pillows in shams, decorative pillows, or stuffed animals at the head of the bed. If your pillows are fairly flat, you can lay the cased ones with the shammed ones directly on top, like a stack of pancakes. If the pillows are fluffy, however, you may want to stand them up and prop them against the headboard. Arrange the decorative pillows or stuffed animals in a balanced fashion around or among the regular-sized pillows.


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