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mother meditating
This mother is meditating, clearing her mind and relaxing her body
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Do not scoff at meditation and conscious breathing. They will clear your mind.

A cluttered mind is just that: A brain full of mumbo-jumbo litter; a muddled mess that is not going to let you have a moment of rest. A mind that is uneasy will keep you from sleeping at night because your brain will be going a mile a minute, processing, spewing, mulling over and dispensing all of those thoughts that you stashed in there during your waking hours and never resolved or dispatched to that information clearinghouse station in the sky.

Clearing your mind of all that unnecessary junk is going to allow you to sleep better, function more efficiently and relieve the stress and tension that has your shoulder muscles knotted up in a gnarly mess.

There are various ways to clear your mind. You can do this. It does not require a magician or a hypnotist, a psychotherapist or a lobotomy. And it does work. 

As all yogis know, practicing conscious breathing helps clear the mind and relax the body. We all breathe, but not all of us, or the majority of us, consciously pay attention to our breathing and how we can control it if we set our minds to us. When you are breathing consciously, or with awareness, you will feel your breath come in and go out. You will also hear it.

Close your eyes. Fully concentrate on your breathing and nothing else. Try to make your inhalations and exhalations last longer. Allow your shoulders and other body parts to relax and un-kink as you do your conscious breathing. This is a wonderful technique to employ when you are in a stressful situation and think you are about to come unhinged. No one needs to know that you are consciously breathing in an effort to get your emotions under control. It can be done discreetly.  Breathing in this fashion relaxes you and will clear your mind if you allow it to. The only thing you should be thinking about and concentrating on is your breath.

Clear your mind, particularly of negative thoughts, by intentionally reversing the thought. If you are pondering how much you hate being where you are at the moment deliberately switch the thought process and ponder how much you like where you are. This is a Zen technique wherein two opposing thoughts collide and they cancel out each other. When both thoughts, the negative and the positive, bang into each other, this results in silence and a still, calm mind. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clear your mind is to simply laugh it off. Recognize the insanity of your life, embrace it, and then get a good chuckle out of it. Let your problems and concerns go, at least for a while, and allow your mind to be still. 

Employ progressive muscle relaxation. This is a superb way to relax your body and clear your mind. Lying on a mat or in your bed, close your eyes, pulling your shoulders down from your ears, relax your face and begin your conscious breathing. Talk to your brain and tell it to relax. Move down to your eyes and do the same. Move all the way down your body, instructing each body part, including internal organs to relax. This may sound daffy but it works.

For instance, as you instruct your back to relax, feel your back relax. It is a tangible sensation. Let go of that muscle tension. This will put you in such a delicious state of relaxation by the time you are done that you will be hard-pressed to remember your name. Now that is a clear mind!

Give meditation a shot. All you need is a quiet space.  Wear something comfortable, get in a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying, close your eyes and concentrate on a thought, word or object that is relaxing. You might want to think about that beautiful hibiscus plant in your yard or the face of your granddaughter. Other thoughts will pop up but that is to be expected. Do not dwell on them. Continue focusing on the object, the sound, the fragrance or whatever it is that you have chosen to focus on. Sometimes, chanting helps, saying the same word or sound over and over again. Some people like to listen to soothing music when they meditate or the sounds of nature. This will help you clear out your frenzied brain.

Your goal is to re-set your brain to zero. Get rid of all of the detritus and the thoughts and images that are zooming through your head. A chatty brain can be beneficial at times but when it just will not stop and allow you to get some rest and relief this is no longer physically and mentally healthy.

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