Where very tall men find clothes

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Tall men often have problems finding stylish clothing
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Very tall men need wear clothing that complements and fits their frame

You're tall and handsome, so earning admiring stares from others is quite easy. Finding clothes that fit your frame, on the other hand, isn't always so simple. Very tall men often have difficulty finding attire that complements their physiques. Since you don't want to walk around looking like you're trying to fit into a 10-year-old boy's wardrobe, you need to don duds that were meant just for tall guys, like you. And shopping at the appropriate venue allows you to do so.

Where to Shop

Finding fashionable clothes for very tall men is a cinch when you go to the proper places. Stores that advertise clothing for "big and tall" men are likely your best bet at finding pieces that fit your frame. These types of stores carry pants, shirts and shoes that are made just for guys of the taller variety.

However, because every frame is different, you may still need to have alterations performed on your clothing. If you take the clothing you like to a tailor, he or she can make the pieces work for your body.

If you can afford it, getting a tailor to make you customized clothing is the way to go. Not only will the clothing fit you perfectly, but it will be unique. You'll be the only person you know who is wearing such an outfit, because it was created just for you.

What to Wear

You're already a stud, but there are tips you can implement into your clothing style that accentuate just how much of a looker you are. Layers of clothing work well for thin men. Not only are they stylish, but they'll give your sleek frame some thickness to it. Double-breasted suits also give your body the appearance of some weight, and looks super chic.

You've probably heard about tall people staying away from vertical stripes, but you really don't have to. Although these types of stripes do accentuate a tall frame, there's nothing wrong with wearing them, particularly if you are proud of being tall, which you should be. As long as your clothes fit you right and feel comfortable, you're wearing the right pieces.

What to Stay Away From

Obviously, you should stay away from items that don't fit or are uncomfortable. If you can see your wrists or your ankles when you're supposed to be wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt, you need to find some better-fitting gear. Additionally, baggy clothes don't look good on anyone, particularly not very tall men. Therefore, donning clothes that fit your body is the best way to go.   

Bottom line is, as long as you feel good, you're probably wearing the right clothes. There's just about nothing better looking than a confident, tall man, so step into clothes made for your size and go out there with your chin up: you'll look amazing.


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