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Planning sports theme parties for summer teams

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baseball in the grass
Baseball is a popular sport for summer teams and sports theme parties
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Plan your parties around a sports theme with these major categories

Sports theme parties can give teammates a fun way to conclude the season and appreciate their experiences together. According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, about thirty million children were participating in organized sports in the U.S. in 2001. The Alliance's community standards encourage a "fun, safe and rewarding experience" for each of those children. Sports theme parties can provide a fun and positive way to end a summer team sport, regardless of how well the team stacked up against other teams in the league.


Invitations or Announcements


Invitations or announcements are a good idea for sports theme parties. Kids may forget to tell their parents, or other parents may forget about the event if they don't mark it on their calendars or see the invitation on their fridges. While planning sports theme parties for summer teams, make invitations or announcements your first priority so that no one misses the event because of short notice. The end of summer can be a busy time as kids get ready to return to school and fall events are gearing up.


You have several options for invitations. You can buy ready-made invitations from many party suppliers or order custom ones from stationery stores. You can make your own invitations from scrapbooking supplies or cards attached to small novelty toys. If you prefer to customize and print your own templates, you can find free printable sports invitations online, or you can type up your own announcements. The important things you need to communicate are when and where the party will take place.


Other Aspects of Planning Sports Theme Parties for Summer Teams


Aside from the date, time, and place, the key parts of planning sports theme parties include decorations, food, and games or activities. For older kids, you may also want to plan a review of the season or a time where the coach tells each player how he or she improved.


For an example of how the planning process comes together, check out this football party theme idea. While the ideas are specific to football, you could customize them to other sports. The involvement of other parents in planning sports theme parties for summer teams can help you be more creative and share the workload.


Sweets for Sports Theme Parties


Sweets can be an easy food to decorate for sports theme parties. Use sports cookie cutters to make cookies for your child's summer team. Or if you prefer cake, you can start with a round shape for most sports, then frost and decorate it to resemble the sport's ball. If you need more specific guidance, Betty Crocker offers a video on how to decorate sports cupcakes for basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis.


Favors for Sports Theme Parties


If you want to liven up sports theme parties with favors or small games, check a novelties catalog for ideas. Sports are always a popular category, so you should find plenty of items you can use as favors at sports theme parties.



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