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How cleansing routines are good for your skin

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Religious cleansing of your face is imperative
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Cleansing your face is an essential part of a regimen that is good for your skin

Even the most fabulous make-up is not going to transform your look unless you religiously engage in cleansing routines that are good for your skin prior to slapping on the face paint. Healthy skin is going to be pretty skin. No amount of foundation or war paint can conceal or improve skin that has been neglected and is not clean.

Once a week exfoliate your skin. This is good for your skin. You need to exfoliate your entire body, not just your face, if you want to keep your skin in tip top form. The reason women and men need to exfoliate their skin on a regular basis is because it sloughs off dead skin cells. When exfoliating you are causes the renewal of skin cells and providing stimulation to your skin. If you want to keep your skin healthy and radiant looking do not skip this step in your cleansing routine. Regenerating new skin cells is the ticket to younger and better looking skin.

Use a sponge, or brush when exfoliating. When dead skin cells are removed, your skin immediately looks healthier and clearer. This process helps unplug clogged pores which causes pimples and black heads. When the skin cells gets clogged it makes your skin look irregular and lackluster.

The ideal cleansing routine when preparing to exfoliate includes wetting your face or the skin on your body and then applying an exfoliating cleanser. The exfoliate that you use on your face will not be the same as the one you use on your body. Scrub your face or body using circular motions. Do not get too close to your eyes when scrubbing your face because the skin around the eye if very delicate and can be damaged by exfoliating products. Rinse your face, exfoliate your body, rinse, dry off and apply moisturizer; lots of it.

Keep in mind what your mother told you: Remove your make-up before going to bed. Regular soap, which can be harsh on the face and probably should be avoided, particularly if you have dry skin, does not remove make-up nor does a face wash. You need to use specific products geared toward removing make-up and grime. If you do not regularly remove make-up, gunk is going to build up on you skin and your face simply will not be clean.

An example of an affordable yet good make-up remover and toner is Oil of Olays Refresher Toner, which has low alcohol content, meaning women with dry skin can use it. It contains witch hazel, which refreshes and cleanses with out making the skin overly dry, and aloe. It removes the dirt and make-up from your face but does not strip your skin of needed moisturize.


Indulge yourself and use a facial mask once or twice a month. Clay and mud based masts are quite effective in terms of improving the condition of your skin. Slap on the contents of the mask, lie back in your bathtub, let it drive and the remove it by wetting your face. You will immediately see and feel the difference.

Always, always, always moisturize. If you have oily skin, buy a product that is geared toward that type of skin. Use a daytime moisturize that contains SPF. Lubricated skin stays healthier longer than dry skin, which is apt to wrinkle.

If you really want to get down to brass tacks, consider a target skin treatment like a chemical skin peel. A chemical peel, which is also called chemical resurfacing, is a means of treating skin that has been sun damaged (photoaging), discoloration (dyschromia), wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone, pre-cancerous lesions and scarring. A peel prompts growth of new skin. There are various chemicals used in this process including salicylic acid, glycolic acid and TAC or tricholoracetic acid.

If you have acne prone skin, salicylic acid peels are probably your best bet because it unclogs pores, eliminates bacteria which causes acne and reduces inflammation. Salicylic acid is a strong anti-inflammatory.

Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliate. It is capable of penetrating the skin causes old skin cells to shed, which reinvigorates the look of your skin. It also lessens the appearance of wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.


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