What to talk about on a first date

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Good first date conversation can guarantee a second date
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Have some ideas on what to talk about on a first date to keep it fun

Of all the times to close your mouth and be quiet, a date is certainly not one of them. After all, thereís really nothing thatís more awkward than a silent date. So what do you talk about on a first date?

Fortunately, a variety of topics are interesting and get those mouths talking. And such good conversation is sure to score you another date.


Just about everyone loves celebrities. And thereís not much that is more fun than talking about the crazy stunts they pull. Creating a funny conversation about which celeb just entered rehab or got arrested is always interesting. Or you could talk about the latest celebrity romances or the rumored flings. You can also discuss a celebrityís humanitarian efforts, if your date is interested in that type of subject. Bottom line is, just keep things light and funny and youíre sure to have a good time.


If you and your date have a common sport you are both interested in, go ahead and talk about it. You can spend time talking about your favorite sports teams, including about how good the team is doing this season or any controversial trades that occurred.

If both of you participate in sporting activities, like running or playing basketball, you can even discuss what type of sports equipment you like to use.  For instance, you can talk about what type of shoes or clothes you like to wear when you participate in those activities.

Your Date

People often like to talk about themselves, so if you think this is the case about your date, ask questions that get your date talking about his or her life. Talking about oneself typically makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Asking questions that arenít too prying is a great way to not only learn about your date, but to keep a conversation going.

Those Around You

Dates are best when they are light-hearted and fun. Paying attention to the happenings around you is entertaining and can get a funny conversation going.

For instance, if you notice someone eating a wild-looking dish, talk about it. Doing so might lead you to other topics, like your favorite foods or restaurants. If you spot something funny going on around you, point that out to your date as well. However, stay away from criticizing anyone, as you want to show your date you are a positive person.

What Not to Talk About

You know the old saying about not discussing religion and politics and it certainly applies here, especially since it is your first date. Avoid asking about exes, health issues and anything else you donít want to be asked about. Your date should be fun, not an uncomfortable interrogation. Stick to topics that wonít cause controversy or a disagreement.

Now that you know what to talk about on a first date, you can have a fun time and avoid any awkward silent moments.


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