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Best way to cut grass

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This is not the ideal way to cut grass
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The best way to cut grass is more than just the right way to mow the lawn

For those who mow lawns on a regular basis, mowing is a no brainer. They know how to do it. However, for those who have never owned a property before and are staring down the barrel of a lawnmower for the first time this is a bit daunting. Operating yard equipment can be intimidating.

How are you supposed to do this exactly? What is the best way to cut grass?

There are, in fact, doís and doníts when it comes to mowing.

If you donít mow the right way, your lawn isnít going to stay healthy. Mowing grass helps maintain the health of your lawn. On the flip side, mowing is taxing on the grass so you need to mow in the proper manner to eliminate as much trauma as possible. This is determined by the height that you cut the grass as well as the frequency of mowing.


A pointer to keep in mind is what is termed the one-third rule: You should never cut your grass more than one-third of its height in one mowing.

Lawn Boy recommends that during cool weather you should mow your grass when it gets between 3- and 3.5 inches tall. During hot weather, cut the grass when it is between 2- and 2.5 inches tall. The reason the height of the grass is important is because grass isnít going to grow correctly if it is cut too short or allowed to grow too long. When grass gets too long, the root systems become blocked. On the other hand, if you cut the grass to short it can damage the grass and you may end up with a lawn full of dead grass.


Following lawn care tips appropriate to the soil and climate in your area of the country is essential. Talk with local lawn and garden experts or gather tips from neighbors whose lawns you admire.

  • Every time you mow, change your mowing pattern. If you donít, the grass is going to ultimately flatten out because it is used to growing in the same direction.
  • If your grass has gotten way too long, cut it back in stages.
  • Some people leave their grass clippings on their lawn. Others bag them or add them to their garden composter. Leaving the clippings is actually beneficial to the lawn, although it may not look good.
  • Do not mow over the same patch of grass twice. 
  • Mow when the grass is dry.
  • When itís cool outside, you can cut your lawn a bit lower. 
  • Overlap each pass by three inches, which means that your lawn will end up evenly mowed.
  • On the first pass that you make through the yard with your lawn mower, you should round off the corners.
  • When you are finished with the entire lawn, go back and mow the corners.


A lot of mowers use the box method. This means that the lawn is mowed around the edge and 90 degree turns are taken. This method results in smaller and yet smaller squares of grass that is not mowed.

Some prefer the spiral method. This is achieved by making a continuous turn around your yard, again and again. The mowing should begin in the center of the yard.

Before you get behind that push mower or jump onto that zero-turn mower read the instruction manual. Lawn mowers can be dangerous. You do not want to be a casualties, with an injury from missing a toe or straining your back.

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