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How to prevent stainless corrosion

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painting outdoor furniture
Protect your outdoor stainless pieces with a little bit of paint
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Know how to prevent stainless corrosion to protect your outdoor furniture

Thereís a time and a place for rust, but it often shows up where and when you donít want it. When metal objects, such as pieces for your patio or garden, are outside, water and air cause it to corrode. The result? Rust. However, you donít have to watch idle while your pieces succumb to rust; you can prevent it with a few simple techniques.

One of the best and easiest ways to prevent stainless corrosion is to keep your items dry. Of course, you canít prevent the rain; however, you can remove the water from your outdoor pieces to stop the moisture from causing rust.

Wiping down any object with a terry-cloth towel removes the moisture, which prevents the rusting process from occurring. Even wiping down the blades on your lawnmower can keep them from experiencing corrosion. If you live in an environment in which rain occurs frequently, this may not be enough to prevent stainless corrosion. Youíll have to move onto more powerful techniques.

Painting your outdoor pieces often prevents  them from falling victim to rust. The paint creates a protective barrier between the metal and the outdoor elements, which can prevent corrosion. Look for paint formulated for outdoor use. This type of paint typically resists chipping and warping due to the outdoor elements. You can also apply oil or varnish to your outside objects to keep them protected from rust, as well.

Applying a nonconductive coating to your stainless can also prevent it from rusting. Available in a paint or polymer formulation, this product protects your metal from water and the electrolytes that cause the rusting process to take place. Such products are typically available at hardware and outdoors stores and are usually easy to apply.

Even your metal gardening tools can experience the effects of rusting. Prevent them from the damaging by keeping them clean and protecting them after use. Washing the tools with soap and water helps remove material that can potentially cause the rusting process to take place.

Completely dry the objects, then rub them with motor oil to keep them safe when youíre not using them. This method is ideal for when you store the products for a long period of time, such as during the winter. Come spring, your tools should look fresh and ready to go.

Preventing stainless corrosion does require a bit of effort, but it is definitely worth it.


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