How to setup a YouTube account

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The days of old-fashioned cameras have passed. Setup a YouTube account, and you can share videos online.
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Share videos through a YouTube account

You may need to know how to setup a YouTube account for a variety of different reasons. YouTube provides free videos to millions of Internet users, so some people post videos on YouTube to direct a portion of the site's traffic to their own websites or to increase awareness of their products. Some individuals post how-to and other informational videos, and others share their videos as an outlet for their creativity. Whatever your reasons for wanting to know how to setup a YouTube account, follow these instructions, which briefly outline the process.


Determine If You Need to Setup a YouTube Account


You do not need to setup a YouTube account to watch videos. But an account allows you to leave comments, upload and share your own videos, and even save clips you want to watch at a later time. With a YouTube account, you can create an online library of your favorite videos, whether they are your own, or videos uploaded by other people.


Start Shopping for Cameras


Signing up for a YouTube account is the quick part. Shopping for a camera may take longer. If you need a camera, computer cables, or other laptop accessories to make full use of your YouTube account, you may want to start shopping now.


Click "Create Account"


If you've determined you would like to start a YouTube account, proceed to YouTube's home page. You will see a link at the top right corner that says, "Create Account." Click on this link to go the page where you can fill in your new account information.


Provide Your Account Information


To create a new YouTube account, you must provide certain information. The sign-up page requests things like your username, location, date of birth, and gender. You can also set some preferences and review the terms of use here. You must agree to the terms of use in order to start a YouTube account.


Please note that to start an account, you must agree not to infringe on others' copyright. If you do not own the rights to a work, YouTube does not want you to upload it to the site, and they may delete your account if you do not abide by this agreement.


Enter Your Google ID or E-mail Address


On the next screen, if you already possess a Google ID, you can enter that e-mail address and password to continue. If you don't have a Google ID, you can enter your e-mail address on the right side of the screen. In that case, you'll also need to choose a password to setup a YouTube account and sign in again later.


Enter the Verification and Setup your YouTube Account


If you entered an e-mail and password in the previous step, you will need to enter the verification word and click the button that says, "Create New Account and Finish." If you already had a Google ID, you will click "Sign In" under the Google account information.

Explore the tabs and options on your YouTube page. You can upload a profile photo, select a color scheme for your video player, create folders and favorite lists, and decide to allow comments, ratings and other interactions with fellow YouTube users.


Collect Necessary Accessories


You may benefit from some new accessories. For instance, if your computer contains limited USB hubs and your camera also hooks up with a USB cable, you may want to check out a USB hub. You can also wait to buy accessories until you have explored your account more thoroughly and have a better idea of what you need.


Start Making Videos


When you complete the sign-in process, you can begin making videos. Note that you can also post "private" videos that only a few people, which you invite, can watch.


Visit the Help Section


For solutions to specific problems and more detailed instructions on how to setup a YouTube account, visit the extensive help section on account information.

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